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Who Could Be the Antichrist

[Summary]Who is the Antichrist? | Bible Study Guides | Amazing Facts The antichrist is fully revealed in the pages of Daniel chapter 7.... 10 Individuals Surprisingly Identified As The Antichrist 10 Individuals Surprisingly Identified As The Antichrist David


Who is the Antichrist? | Bible Study Guides | Amazing Facts

Who Could Be the Antichrist

The antichrist is fully revealed in the pages of Daniel chapter 7....

10 Individuals Surprisingly Identified As The Antichrist

10 Individuals Surprisingly Identified As The Antichrist

David Tormsen January 6, 2016

There are some who have been frequently accused of being the Antichrist, such as Barack Obama, Emperor Nero, and pretty much every pope there ever was. For those who believe that the end times are just around the corner, it is easy to see signs of the False Prophet in political and religious figures whom one doesn’t particularly like. However, not all of the supposed Antichrist candidates are ones you’d expect.

Who Is The Antichrist: Antichrist

Who is the Antichrist?

The Shocking Facts about a Misunderstood
Prophecy, and now the real truth…


An internet search today on “who is the antichrist” will reveal anything from the star of the Baywatch TV series to the current president of the USA. God’s Word does not instruct us to make ridiculous wild guesses or any guesses for that matter as to what we think Bible prophecy says, in fact we are specifically told in 2 Peter 1:20 “...that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.” One good key to understanding Bible prophecy is laid out in the principle of the following verse: Isaiah 28:10 “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:

Identifying the Antichrist: 8 Myths Not To Fall For | "Escape All These Things" (Luke 21:36)

The Bible gives many clues on how to identify the Antichrist, but if your life depended on recognizing him when the time comes, would you be able to? Find out how to consider the Antichrist question biblically and free yourself of any anxiety you may have over not identifying him when he comes so that you suffer the grave consequences. (Plus, what about Alexis Tsipras From Greece?)

Donald Trump Is A Harbinger of the Anti-Christ To Come | The Resurgent

I want you to read what Christians are writing about Donald Trump online. These are the words of his Christian supporters. I have, for a very long time, wondered how the predicted anti-Christ would be able to fool so many professing Christians. I no longer wonder.

I do not think that Donald Trump is anti-Christ. But I do think what you will read below shows you that there is a growing softness and desperation in the American church that is only going to grow. Just read the quotes below. What Christians are writing about Trump are in the blockquotes. Scripture is in normal text.

Pastor: Obama is paving the way for the Antichrist | Religion News Service

Hello, and I sure have been studying and traveling much on the end times for over 30 years. What I have discovered…it sounds crazy without the eyes of faith that is rooted in truth and a solid humble foundation. Annoint your eyes with eyesalve that you may see. Even thought it is not my faith I do reccoment the “end times prophecies” on 119 ministries. It is the best and entertaining to watch and understand the Blood red Moons and sackcloth moons coming in 2014-15. YOUSee! God intercedes the world in a big way every 2000 years. He is again. Now!!! I suggest you Study some saints. Like Sister Faustian on the Illumination of Conscience Or called the Warning as described in the Prophecies of Garabandal. See the Video on Youtoub. The Messages of Garabandal narrated by Ricardo Mont ebon, this is the best to understand it also for the lay people. Do not follow what the crowd is saying or doing on these things, they are always wrong. Also study Fatima, Garabandal, and Medjugoreje…Our Lady has been Warning us for a hundred years. The hundred given to Satan to operate in. Please keep an open heart…this is actually the truth. Fatima is not complete and will. When Russia was consectated to our lady it fell. The consectation is done according to Fatama Prophecies. this is not the end of the world but an AGE. Then soon now the # days of darkness. God will remove all the Evil people and leave a reminant. He always does that. No Rapture. sorry not biblical at all. Only 7 left with Noah. Lot and his fam…see what I mean. Take an honest look at these things. No were mant operates, but just below the surface where the Holy Spirit operates. We will all know who God is…2014-15. That is a fact. Now my Point. With Great grace and mercy in the coming Illumination…we will see a great evil. Satan always copies God the best he can…Pride…So I believe we will see the rise of the Anti-Christ at this time. Even the Elect in Christ will be deceived it that were possible. That is a quote from Our Lady. That is what I see happening. When right is wrong and wrong is right, know the end is near. My Great, Great, Grandfather said a 100 years ago. This is what got me started in my studies. When you have a women President know the end is near.(three days of darkness). The Illumination is God coming into the hearts of men. I will come as the God of Mercy before I come as the just Judge. See…Mercy is what now a Saint..Faustina is all about. Everything fits like a glove. Must see with the eyes of truth. No of Gay Marrage, in agreement with contraception. Divorce..etc. These are mans laws. Not Gods. Pray off your agreements and see clearly. God Bless jer.

Could the Antichrist Be Alive Today?

Who Could Be the Antichrist
By Nathan Jones
Lamb & Lion Ministries

Lamb & Lion Ministries sought out ten different Bible prophecy experts and asked the question, "Could the Antichrist be alive today?" The following is how they responded.

The reason that I believe this is because no other time in history are we seeing Bible prophecy come to pass than what we've seen. Over and over again we are seeing Israel as a nation, Israel blossoming, Israel coming together, her people returning aliyah. On May 14, 1948, I imagine God taking a big 'ol huge hourglass and just going "wa-pump!," turning it over and we are seeing the sands of time run out. I believe strongly that the age of the Gentile is slowly coming to a close. In fact, in TV vernacular you have what's called a cross-fade transition. I believe the Church is here and I see Israel here in a cross-fade. At one point both scenes come together — one scene is fading out and one scene is fading in. At one point they both occupy the same time and space and that is called the cross-fade. The Church and Israel right now, I strongly believe we are standing in the cross-fade. Both Israel and the Church are occupying the same time and space. We are coming off stage, Israel is coming on.

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