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Who Attends Pretrial Conference

[Summary]Do I have to go to the Pre-trial Conference? You may have to go to the pre-trial conference, you might not. The answer depends on the court and the prosecutor. The prosecutor is the District Attorney's office. The prosecutor might want you to come to


Do I have to go to the Pre-trial Conference?

You may have to go to the pre-trial conference, you might not. The answer depends on the court and the prosecutor. The prosecutor is the District Attorney's office. The prosecutor might want you to come to the pre-trial conference. The prosecutor may be thinking of making a deal with your abuser and letting him plead guilty to a lesser crime than he was charged with. The prosecutor may want to talk to you about the facts of the case and what you want to see happen.

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United Nations colleagues in Brazil expressed their grave concern following an attack against a group of indigenous persons from the Gamela ethnicity, earlier this week in the Maranhão region of northern Brazil. More than 10 were injured — some of them severely and are still receiving treatment in hospital.

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