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Where Do Bass Live

[Summary]Largemouth bass The largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) is a freshwater gamefish in the sunfish family, a species of black bass native to North America. It is known by a variety of regional names, such as the widemouth bass, bigmouth bass, black


Largemouth bass

The largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) is a freshwater gamefish in the sunfish family, a species of black bass native to North America. It is known by a variety of regional names, such as the widemouth bass, bigmouth bass, black bass, bucketmouth, Potter's fish, Florida bass, Florida largemouth, green bass, green trout, gilsdorf bass, Oswego bass, southern largemouth and (paradoxically) northern largemouth.[3] The largemouth bass is the state fish of Georgia, Mississippi, and Indiana, the state freshwater fish of Florida and Alabama, and the state sport fish of Tennessee.

Seasonal Habits of the Largemouth Bass | The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide LLC

Seasonal Habits of the Largemouth Bass

Seasonal Habits of the Largemouth Bass Learn how the seasons affect the Largemouth bass in order to catch them on a consistent basis. This article will show you how.

Facts and Myths About Bass

Fish Behavior

Bass Biology

Understanding Bass Part I

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Largemouth Bass, Fishing Facts, Bass Habitat, Bass Spawn, Micropterus Salmoides

Largemouth Bass

So Mean They Would Eat a Fisherman If They Could!

The motto of the largemouth bass is "If it moves, eat it!" That's the largemouth bass motto. A bass will eat anything it can swallow and it can swallow a lot due to its large "bucketmouth" and flexible stomach. It's a "generalist" thug that, by experience, grows "smarter" with age and adapts to environmental changes to survive.

Smallmouth bass

The smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) is a species of freshwater fish in the sunfish family (Centrarchidae) of the order Perciformes. It is the type species of its genus. One of the black basses, it is a popular game fish sought by anglers throughout the temperate zones of North America, and has been spread by stock to many cool-water tributaries and lakes in Canada and more so introduced in the United States. The maximum recorded size is approximately 27 inches and 12 pounds. The smallmouth bass is native to the upper and middle Mississippi River basin, the Saint Lawrence River–Great Lakes system, and up into the Hudson Bay basin. Its common names include smallmouth, bronzeback, brown bass, brownie, smallie, bronze bass, hog, and bareback bass.


Where Do Bass Live?

To understand the effectiveness of The Sled, a person must understand where bass live. Both largemouth and smallmouth bass are predators. They eat just about anything that is alive and they can put in their mouth. Bass are opportunists. They don’t swim around looking for food. They hide and wait for food to come to them. Where they hide is the key to the success of The Sled.

Where Do Fish Live | Discover Boating

Where Do Fish Live?

To catch fish the angler must first locate them. Fish are found nearly everywhere there is water with enough food, oxygen and cover. Near your home there should be a body of water that has fish living in it. But to catch a fish, first you must learn to understand where they are hiding.


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Striped Bass

Striped bass, also referred to as rockfish, are the top recreational sportfish in the Chesapeake Bay. Morone saxatilis is also one of the top predatory species in the Bay.

Striped bass, once heavily overfished, are now at sustainable population levels thanks in part to implementation of a fishing moratorium (in Maryland from 1985-90, in Virginia from 1989-90) and strict science-based, management controls since.

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