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[Summary]High-net-worth individual High-net-worth individual (HNWI) is a term used by some segments of the financial services industry to designate persons whose investible assets (such as stocks and bonds) exceed a given amount. Typically, these individuals


High-net-worth individual

High-net-worth individual (HNWI) is a term used by some segments of the financial services industry to designate persons whose investible assets (such as stocks and bonds) exceed a given amount. Typically, these individuals are defined as holding financial assets (excluding their primary residence) with a value greater than US$1 million.[1][2][3]

Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI) Definition | Investopedia

What is an 'Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI)'

Ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWI) are people with investable assets of at least $30 million, excluding personal assets and property such as a primary residence, collectibles and consumer durables. UHNWIs comprise the richest people in the world and control a disproportionate amount of global wealth. Ultra-high net worth is generally quoted in terms of liquid assets over a certain figure, but the exact amount differs by financial institution and region.

Who Rules America: An Investment Manager's View on the Top 1%

An Investment Manager's View on the Top 1%</</h2>

This article was written by an investment manager who works with very wealthy clients. I knew him from decades ago, but in 2011 he e-mailed me with some concerns he had about what was happening with the economy. What he had to say was informative enough that I asked if he might fashion what he had told me into a document for the Who Rules America Web site. He agreed to do so, but only on the condition that the document be anonymous, because he does not want to jeopardize his relationships with his clients or other investment professionals. Make no assumptions about the investment manager with respect to race, ethnicity, political perspective, or views on government economic policy; he may or may not fit readers' preconceptions concerning some of these categories.

What is Bernie Sanders' Net Worth?

Bernie Sanders’ net worth is $528,014. Our Bernie Sanders net worth calculations come from analyzing his U.S. Senate financial disclosure forms.

U.S. Senators aren’t required to disclose their exact net worth. The closest anyone can get to Bernie Sanders’ net worth is to dig through disclosure forms and do the math. Since senators report assets and debts within preset ranges, finding Bernie Sanders’ net worth means averaging reported max and min figures.

Bono Net Worth 2017

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