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What Is the Length of an Elephant's Pregnancy

[Summary]Species you can hunt in South Africa as a trophy hunter Cheetah (Latin = Acinonyx jubatus, Afrikaans = Jagluiperd, German = Gepard) Numbers: Low Weight > 36 - 60 kg 79 - 132 lb. Shoulder height> 80 cm Pregnancy time : 90 days + Cub quantity : Up to


Species you can hunt in South Africa as a trophy hunter

(Latin = Acinonyx jubatus, Afrikaans = Jagluiperd, German = Gepard)

Numbers: Low

Weight > 36 - 60 kg

79 - 132 lb.

Shoulder height> 80 cm

Pregnancy time : 90 days +

Cub quantity : Up to 6

Skull Measurements :

SCI > - in.

Rowland Ward > 12 and a half in.

Found only in the warmest areas, such as the bushveld (north western and northern parts) of the Northern Province and in Mpumalanga, especially in the Limpopo valley and in the whole of the Lowveld, as well as in the upper Kalahari-areas of the North Cape.

Gestation Periods and Animal Scale

The gestation period of humans is 266 days, 8 days short of nine months. Many such biological characteristics have an explanation in terms evolutionary survival value. Even some seemingly cultural characteristics of human society have such a biological explanation. For example, in all known hunting-and-gathering societies it is the men who do the hunting and women the gathering. It was not until a few decades ago when in the U.S. people started doing marathon running that the explanation was discovered. Women marathon runners found they lost their periods and medical examination revealed that under the stress of distance running women stopped ovulating. In hunting-and-gathering societies the hunters cover about thirty miles a day, day after day. In a society in which the women participated in the hunting there would be few babies born and that society would quickly disappear. Thus the only hunting-and-gathering societies that survived would have the men doing the hunting and the women doing the gathering.


The history of the star: Alioth

from p.439 of Star Names, Richard Hinckley Allen, 1889.

What Is the Length of an Elephant's Pregnancy
Epsilon (ε) Ursa Major, Alioth, is a star situated on the root of the tail of the Great Bear, on the thickest part of the tail.

Alioth, sometimes Allioth, seems to have originated in the first edition of the Alfonsine Tables, and appeared with Chaucer in the Hous of Fame as Aliot; with the 17th century German astronomer Bayer, as Aliath, from the 16th century French scholar Scaliger, and as Risalioth; with the Italian astronomer Riccioli (1598-1671), as Alabieth, Alaioth, Alhiath, and Alhaiath, all somewhat improbably derived, the 16th century French scholar Scaliger said, from Alyat [Allen notes: The syllable Al, in this word Alyat, is not the Arabic definite article (al usually means 'the')], the Fat Tail of the Eastern sheep. But the later Alfonsine editions adopted Aliare and Aliore — The Italian astronomer Riccioli's (1598–1671) Alcore — from the Latin Almagest of 1515, on Al Tizini (Arabian astronomer, first half of 16th century)'s statement that the word was Al Hawar, the White of the Eye, or the White Poplar Tree, i.e. Intensely Bright; the 17th century English orientalist Thomas Hyde transcribing the original as Al Haur. The 15th century Tartar astronomer Ulug Beg had Al Haun, but the German astronomer Ideler (1766-1846), rejecting this as not being an Arabic word, substituted Al Jaun, the Black Courser, as if belonging to the governor, Al Ka'id, the star eta (η Alkaid), and its comparative faintness gives some probability to this conjecture. Assemani, however, said that on the Cufic globe it is "Alhut," the Fish,— one of the many instances of blundering that the German astronomer Ideler (1766-1846) attributed to him.

African Elephant | The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

“Where I live”

There are two distinct species of African elephant: the savannah elephant (Loxodonta africana) and the forest elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis). The savannah elephant is found in central and eastern Africa south of the Sahara, living in varied habitat including marsh, savannah, woodlands, and semi-desert.

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