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What Is President Bush's Middle Name?

[Summary]W Stands For... The Answer: The much talked about "W." stands for Walker. The name comes from his grandmother, Dorothy Walker, who married Prescott Sheldon Bush on Aug. 6, 1921. One of their five children was the country's 41st president (and Ge


W Stands For...

The Answer:

The much talked about "W." stands for Walker. The name comes from his grandmother, Dorothy Walker, who married Prescott Sheldon Bush on Aug. 6, 1921. One of their five children was the country's 41st president (and George W. Bush's father) George Herbert Walker Bush.

Incidentally, Dorothy Walker's father, George Herbert Walker, established the Walker Cup in 1922. The Walker Cup is a golf tournament held every two years that features the best amateurs from Great Britain, Ireland, and the United States.

President George HW Bush Genealogy & Family History

George H.W. Bush became the 41st president of the U.S. after serving as Ronald Reagan's vice president for eight years. George H.W. Bush's family history includes a link to French protestants greatly persecuted in the Middle Ages called Huguenots through ancestors of his grandmother, Lucretia Wear Walker. Through Lucretia, George H.W. Bush's family tree extends a branch to Gabriel and Marie Hersent Maupin, who came to America with other French Huguenots fleeing persecution in 1700.

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What was that middle name?

What Is President Bush's Middle Name?
The answer is: Wilson

While Ronald Wilson Reagan's middle name may show some prescience (Woodrow Wilson would be elected president two years after Ronald Reagan's birth), Reagan had the more typical middle namesake of his mother's maiden name, after Nelle Wilson Reagan. The incorrect answers are middle names of Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Carter, and not associated with prior presidents' first, last, or middle names.

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What Is President Bush's Middle Name?

Bush Family History





By Michael Kranish

Globe Staff

Prescott S. Bush hardly seemed destined to lead a political dynasty when he arrived in Massachusetts in the 1920s. Nothing about his circumstances foreshadowed that his descendants would include two Republican presidents. Here was the young Bush, struggling to run a Braintree rubber factory while receiving little financial help from his wealthy father, a Democrat.

What is George W Bush's middle name?

What Is President Bush's Middle Name?

Just wondering...

Jeb Bush Addresses 2016 And His Family Name | The Huffington Post

The Bush family name remains a political liability years after America's costly involvements in the Middle East and the Great Recession, raising the question of how the former governor of Florida plans to differentiate himself from his brother. He offered a hint by recalling his 1994 and 1998 gubernatorial campaigns, when he ran as a conservative reformer on issues such as welfare and education.

What's President George Bush's middle name?

What Is President Bush's Middle Name?

WE WANNA KNOW!!! We know it starts with a W. I have a weird feeling it's Wilson

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