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What is a Lake for Kids

[Summary]Rice Lake Public Library Holiday Hours The library will be closing at 5:00pm on Wednesday, November 23 and will remain closed until 9:00am on Saturday, November 26. Looking ahead to December Holiday hours, we will again be closing at 5:00pm on Thursd


Rice Lake Public Library

Holiday Hours

The library will be closing at 5:00pm on Wednesday, November 23 and will remain closed until 9:00am on Saturday, November 26. Looking ahead to December Holiday hours, we will again be closing at 5:00pm on Thursday, December 22 and remain closed until 9:00am on Tuesday, December 27th. Happy, healthy and safe wishes from all of […]


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Fun 4 Lake Kids is your local resource for family friendly events and activities in Lake County and Sumter County. Listings include kids events, children programs and classes, youth sports, kids eat free directory, birthday party resources, rainy day activities, free fun for kids, summer camps and MORE fun things for kids and families to do in Lake County and Sumter County.

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Rivers and Lakes - Part 1

What is a Lake for Kids

A river is a natural waterway that moves water over the land from higher to lower elevations. It is an integral component of the water cycle. The water withi...

Learn various Facts on Ocean, Lakes and Rivers From KidRhymes

What is a Lake for Kids

1) An ocean (from Greek Ὠκεανὸς, "okeanos" Oceanus[1]) is a major body of saline water, and a principal component of the hydrosphere. Approximately 71% of th...

Welcome to Lake Tenkiller

GTAA FireworksWhat is a Lake for Kids

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Welcome to Oklahoma's clear water paradise! Whether this is your first adventure or a return visit, we know that you will find what your heart desires with our vast array of activities. Scuba diving, camping, hiking, fishing, golfing, water sports, scenic nature, fishing, and hunting are all surrounded with beautiful rock bluffs and days that end with spectacular sunsets. Almost 13,000 acres of water and over 130 miles of shoreline of Lake Tenkiller and scenic Illinois River's 70 miles of floating and 8 miles of trout fishing provide the ideal setting to forget about Monday.

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