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Volunteer Colonial Militia

[Summary]Militia in the Revolutionary War, Yorktown Victory Center Essay explores the role of the Militia in the Revolutionary War Associators Maryland Protestant Revolution (1649-1692) King George's War (1744-1748) French and Indian War (1754-1763) American


Militia in the Revolutionary War, Yorktown Victory Center

Volunteer Colonial Militia

Essay explores the role of the Militia in the Revolutionary War


Maryland Protestant Revolution (1649-1692)

King George's War (1744-1748)

French and Indian War (1754-1763)

American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) Commanders Notable

Maryland Colonial Governor Nehemiah Blakiston

Militia Units and Volunteer Units – What’s the Difference? - Genealogy Decoded

If you’ve attempted military research or genealogy no doubt you’ve run headlong into the many descriptive names of military units. And maybe you, like me, have come away scratching your head. I know I had to take a big step back from my research to first understand what the different types of units were and …

British Colonial Era - Library and Archives Canada

British Colonial Era - Library and Archives Canada

Colonial period, 1788–1901 | Australian War Memorial

Colonial period, 1788–1901

British settlement of Australia began as a penal colony governed by a captain of the Royal Navy. Until the 1850s, when local forces began to be recruited, British regular troops garrisoned the colonies with little local assistance. From 1788 marines guarded English settlements at Sydney Cove and Norfolk Island; they were relieved in 1790 by a unit specifically recruited for colonial service, and in 1810 the 73rd Regiment of Foot became the first line regiment to serve in Australia. From then until 1870, 25 British infantry regiments and several smaller artillery and engineer units were stationed in the colonies. One role of the troops was to guard Australia against external attack, but their main job was to maintain civil order, particularly against the threat of convict uprisings, and to suppress the resistance of the Aboriginal population to British settlement.

Biography – HUGHES, Sir SAMUEL – Volume XV (1921-1930) – Dictionary of Canadian Biography

Volunteer Colonial Militia

HUGHES, Sir SAMUEL, teacher, militia officer, newspaper proprietor, and politician; b. 8 Jan. 1853 in Darlington Township, Upper Canada, son of John Hughes and Caroline Laughlin; m. first 1872 Caroline J. Preston (d. 1873); m. secondly 5 May 1875 Mary Emily Burk in Darlington, and they had a son, Garnet Burk*, and two daughters; d. 24 Aug. 1921 in Lindsay, Ont.

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