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Traditions That Have Changed

[Summary]Traditions: When is it Time to Change? Traditions: When is it Time to Change? I've been reading articles and stories about how other women minimize the stress of the holidays. Even television shows hit on this, sharing simple timesaving tips and idea


Traditions: When is it Time to Change?

Traditions: When is it Time to Change?

I’ve been reading articles and stories about how other women minimize the stress of the holidays. Even television shows hit on this, sharing simple timesaving tips and ideas. Wrapped up in all of the hub-bub of the holidays, yet trying to keep things simple, I’ve find one hitch as to why we women get hung up: Too much tradition.

Eid retains joy, although traditions have changed

Residents recount how Eid has changed over the years

Weddings Then and Now

Article by Pam Black, owner of Celebration House. First appeared in Die Beeld/Die Burger newspaper.

A look back at the changes in wedding traditions over the past fifty years.

Fifty years ago, weddings, although being fairly large affairs, were in many ways I think, a lot easier to plan as choices were extremely limited. As function coordinators were virtually unheard of, it was up to the mother of the bride to coordinate the event. No time was spent dithering over colour schemes or themes, as weddings were well weddings – elegant and always white in colour. Plain white tablecloths, white flowers, white cake, pure white wedding dress! The only addition of colour was in the identical dresses worn by the bridesmaids and the traditional something blue, which was usually the ribbon on the bride’s garter.

Bad news for brides: Carrying your partner over the threshold is thing of the past as 'cheesy' wedding traditions dying out

Wedding traditions such as asking the bride's father for his daughter's hand in marriage are dying out, a study revealed today.

The Traditions of Easter |

As with almost all holidays that have their roots in Christianity, Easter has been secularized and commercialized. The dichotomous nature of Easter and its symbols, however, is not necessarily a modern fabrication.

Since its conception as a holy celebration in the second century, Easter has had its non-religious side. In fact, Easter was originally a pagan festival.

Traditions have changed, even Santa for some

Traditions That Have Changed

In the weeks leading up to Christmas in the 1920s, Helen (Eckert) Englert’s father would buy oranges and candy for Helen and her brother and hide the goodies in a big dresser drawer until the holiday.

'Traditional' marriage has changed a lot

Traditions That Have Changed

In China and the Sudan, when two sets of parents wanted to forge closer family ties and no live spouse was available, one set sometimes married off a child to the "ghost" of a dead son or daughter of the other family. Among the Bella Coola and Kwakiutl native societies of the Pacific Northwest, two families who wished to become in-laws but didn't have two sets of marriageable children available for a match might even draw up a marriage contract between a son or daughter and a dog belonging to the desired in-laws. The Apostle Paul thought that getting married was better than burning in hell for unmarried fornication, but that the truly good thing was to remain a virgin and devote oneself to spreading God's word. [...] Protestant clerics were stricter than Catholics in enforcing the tradition that marriage should be governed by considerations of patriarchal authority and property rather than free choice based on love. [...] Protestant officials often stepped in to dissolve marriages that had been made without parental consent, even if both parties were adults and children had already been born to their union. In 1833, Pennsylvania's chief justice warned that a strict legal interpretation of rules governing marriage validity would render "the vast majority" of births in that state illegitimate. The multiplication of new options, combined with the rapidity of changes in gender roles and social values has had destabilizing and sometimes troubling results for the organization of interpersonal obligations.

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