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[Summary]How to Make Crystal Meth Step by Step the Easy Way at Home How to Make Crystal Meth Crystal meth can be manufactured in the home, in mobile labs and in superlabs which are mostly located in Central and South America. Over 80-percent of the methamphet


How to Make Crystal Meth Step by Step the Easy Way at Home

How to Make Crystal Meth

Crystal meth can be manufactured in the home, in mobile labs and in superlabs which are mostly located in Central and South America. Over 80-percent of the methamphetamines manufactured worldwide are done so from these superlabs. However, locally made meth usually comes from home labs or mobile labs.


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(Note: the first 4 steps are taken directly from posts by methhead, ignore the direct comments to people)

STEP #1 - Extraction of Pseudoephedrine

....starting with your pills, crush them in a grinder, and put powder into a large washed out gatorade jug. make sure you wash with distilled water only. 1000 60mg pills, will yield 1 ounce of honey, at a 50% return. Next, add distilled water to the powder, and shake....let settle for a minute or two, and siphon off the water. Repeat steps, until you can't taste the pseudo anymore. The pseudo has a bitter taste to it.. Now, make sure that you filter the liquid through coffee filters until the liquid is completely clear. When you have achieved this, boil it down til it's real low and put on medium heat.....continue cooking it down, until your pseudo starts drying out, then finish with a blow dryer... Remember not to burn your pseudo.... Scrape the powder into a small pile, and put into another washed out Gatorade jug. Then add Methanol.... You'll notice that a binder comes out in the methanol, but was clear in the water. Siphon, and filter, til this is clear......I use about 8 bottles of Heet brand methanol for every 4000 pills worth of powder. Again, filter til clear, then put on stove and boil.....this time, use a fan to blow on the top of your glass bowl to make sure it doesn't spill over and catch fire.....Do the same thing that you did with the first batch, low heat, and blow dry.....Now you'll have pure Pseudo.....The reason for the water pull, is to make sure you remove all the wax, because the wax is completely soluble in methanol. I forgot to mention, that when using the water, make sure it is ICE cold. Then, the methanol will bring out the last binder which is soluble in water. Step 2 coming up, but I have to run.

How to Cook Meth in 5 Simple Steps (Part 1)

Do you wanna learn how to cook meth?
Well sit down and watch this video that'll probably give you no information

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New meth recipe makes cooking easy

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COP cooks METH. Shows how easy it is.

You would think they would not do stupid stuff like this. Notice the equipment he is using has been used before. He probably makes it all the time and sells it on the side. lol Just think about the tax dollars he wasted in doing this and for paying for the disposal of this hazardous waste. He has become an expert in the very thing he is trying to stop. Then he makes a video of it? I would never post videos about how to make drugs or do other illegal things. This I just had to post. Straight from the oppressive source. It doesn't get any better than this. Law enforcement with the cooperation of the stupid media are the ones the blew up this epidemic. If a cop wanted to provoke citizens and even children to make meth, I don't think he could do a better job than this. Only in Amerika

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