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[Summary]StageRecovery Root Folder KerbalX Support KerbalX KerbalX is a free service without adverts and I want to keep it that way. but I need your help! If you can help me with the running costs and my dev time that would be most excellent! Thank you!! Kata



Stage Recovery KSP

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Support KerbalX

KerbalX is a free service without adverts and I want to keep it that way.

but I need your help!

If you can help me with the running costs and my dev time that would be most excellent!

Thank you!! Katateochi

Kerbal Space Program - Mods To Help Recover Stages

Stage Recovery KSP

If you've looked at my rocket designs which include recovery capabilities you might be interested in these mods which deal with the problem of stages being r...

KSP Mod Overview: Stage Recovery

Watch as I take a look at the mod Stage Recovery in Kerbal Space Program. Stage recovery helps you save booster, core stages,and parts that fall back to Kerbin. Thanks for watching and subscribe to see more mods!

If you're interested in the mod, check out the link here for more information:


Stage Recovery KSP

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StageRecovery on SpaceDock

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kerbal space program

No, you don't. "On rail" parts which go too deep into the atmosphere just disappear. This even happens when they would have survived the landing (for example because they have parachutes attached). To recover a part you must supervise its landing. This means that it is currently hard to recover the first stage of a rocket, because you can not supervise both the upper stage on its way into orbit and the lower stage on its way back to ground. So no Grasshopper launch system yet.

KSP Mod: Stage Recovery

SpaceX reusable launch system development program

The SpaceX reusable launch system development program is a privately funded program to develop a set of new technologies for an orbital launch system that may be reused many times in a manner similar to the reusability of aircraft. The company SpaceX is developing the technologies over a number of years to facilitate full and rapid reusability of space launch vehicles. The project's long-term objectives include returning a launch vehicle first stage to the launch site in minutes and to return a second stage to the launch pad following orbital realignment with the launch site and atmospheric reentry in up to 24 hours. SpaceX's long term goal is that both stages of their orbital launch vehicle will be designed to allow reuse a few hours after return.[1]

Kerbal Space Program - Recovery And Reuse Tutorial in First Contract

Stage Recovery KSP

With the latest update coming 'Soon' I thought I'd do a little guide to part recovery mechanics and some hints on rocket design which can keep your space pro...

Tutorial: How to recover a Twin-Boar first stage extremely cheaply (Stock) : KerbalAcademy

General Design [D]Tutorial: How to recover a Twin-Boar first stage extremely cheaply (Stock) (self.KerbalAcademy)

submitted 4 months ago * by BlakeMW


Stage Recovery KSP

kerbal space program

How can I recover the pre-orbital stages of a spaceship in Kerbal Space Program? I'm trying to reduce my per-launch costs in the beginning of career mode.

I tried building my spaceship with radial stages each topped with a stayputnik and a pair of radial parachutes. I set the parachutes to deploy at the same time as the decouplers, and could see them deploy in the staging view during flight. I expected to see these pieces as either probes or debris in the tracking station, but they were never listed. The stacks are small enough (an LV-T45 and about an FL-T800s's worth of fuel) that 2 radial 'chutes should have been enough to bring them down safely. Is there a way to recover these pre-orbital stages?

Kerbal Space Program

KSP is a game where the players create and manage their own space program. Build spacecraft, fly them, and try to help the Kerbals to fulfill their ultimate mission of conquering space.


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StageRecovery - 1.6.7 : magico13 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Recover Funds, Kerbals, and Science from Dropped StagesHomepage:...

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