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Seeing God in the Ordinary

[Summary]Seeing God in the Ordinary | Finding God in the Everyday of Our Lives With a cheery sound, the metal tines gathered colorful leaves together in an ever-growing pile as I pulled the rake through the lawn. It was rather musical: thin metal bands moving


Seeing God in the Ordinary | Finding God in the Everyday of Our Lives

With a cheery sound, the metal tines gathered colorful leaves together in an ever-growing pile as I pulled the rake through the lawn. It was rather musical: thin metal bands moving across the lawn, the gentle sound from the drying leaves as they moved. The sun was warm on my face in this late afternoon, the air crisp. Not cold; sweatshirt weather. I had come home on Seeing God in the Ordinary
time from work this day, a rarity, with the goal of gathering up and bagging as many leaves as possible for the following day’s town collection. My property has several tall oaks, maples, cherry and other trees on it. Both the front and back lawns were covered with leaves of various shapes, sizes, and colors. Weather and work schedules had stalled this particular chore. I had two hours of daylight in which to get the job done.

Finding God In The Ordinary

Most everyone's life is very ordinary. We rise in the morning, go about our business and the world does not pay us any attention at all outside of our ci...

Seeing God in the Ordinary: A Theology of the Everyday by Michael Frost — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

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God in the Ordinary Moments - Ignatian Spirituality

Seeing God in the Ordinary

We talk often on this blog about finding God in all things; it’s a basic tenet of Ignatian spirituality. Here’s a reminder that “in all things” doesn’t mean only in all the life-transforming or awe-inspiring things. God doesn’t want us to speak with Him just when we see big, beautiful, and amazing stuff. He wants to hear from us as we stand smack dab in the middle of the everyday ordinary stuff that makes up [...]

Finding God In The Ordinary

Finding God In The Ordinary

Finding God In The Ordinary

It was spectacular!

My wife and I stood on the balcony of the unit we had rented for the Australia Day weekend and watched the fire works display in the local park. For at least 10 minutes we were treated to the sights and sounds of this event that celebrated the landing of the First Fleet way back in 1788. The local organizers were to be congratulated for the effort that had obviously been expended to provide such a colourful and noisy demonstration of pride and gratitude for our country.

Ignatian Spirituality

Finding God in All Things

Finding God in all things is at the core of Ignatian Spirituality and is rooted in our growing awareness that God can found in every one, in every place and in everything. When we learn to pay more attention to God, we become more thankful and reverent, and through this we become more devoted to God, more deeply in love with our Creator.

Everyday God: The Spirit of the Ordinary: Paula Gooder: 9781848251168: Books

"Dull and ordinary this is not!...Gooder's thought-provoking comments enable us to reconsider some of our more commonplace interpretations. Whilst focussing on the everyday, this book offers us inspirational glimpses of God's glory." (Kate Horrix Magnet)

About the Author

Paula Gooder is an honorary lecturer at the University of Birmingham, Canon Theologian at Birmingham Cathedral, a Reader in the Church of England and a member of General Synod.

Sermon On Finding God In The Details |Sacred In The Ordinary

Finding God in the Details and the Sacred in the Ordinary

By Rev. Hanna Hymans Ostroff

Thank you for being here and for blessing this day with your Presence.

For over 20 years I have chosen to live my life as what is known in Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism as a householder, one who gladly takes care of daily responsibilities knowingly in service to the Divine.

Finding God in the Ordinary

Finding God in the Ordinary

Text: 2 Kings 5:1-14.


We all expect things to be exciting, dramatic or spectacular before they will impress or motivate us. We consider our every day lives to be so dull and ordinary that they are insignificant and unimportant.

Naaman had leprosy, but he would have missed his healing if he continued to look for impressive signs and wonders. He must have been a brave warrior who had taken part in many spectacular battles, but he saw himself as the lowest of the low because of his affliction. He travelled all the way to Elisha’s home in Israel to see a mighty display of God’s power, but he was quickly disappointed.

Seeing the Invisible: Ordinary People of Extraordinary Faith

Seeing God in the Ordinary

by Faith Cook Durham, England: Evangelical Press, 1998, 152 pages. In this book, the author takes 10 individuals from the pages of church history, most of whom we have never heard of, and shows how each demonstrated faith in God in an extraordinary way. The accounts are very brief—from 10 to 20 pages each--but each life makes a lasting impression.

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