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S Corp C Corp Comparison

[Summary]C Corporation vs S Corporation Qualification for S corporation status In order to make an election to be treated as an S corporation, the following requirements must be met: Must be an eligible entity (a domestic corporation, or a limited liability c


C Corporation vs S Corporation

Qualification for S corporation status

In order to make an election to be treated as an S corporation, the following requirements must be met:

Must be an eligible entity (a domestic corporation, or a limited liability company).

Must have only one class of stock. (See Common Stock vs Preferred Stock)

Must not have more than 100 shareholders.

Comparing Company Types – LLC, S Corp, C Corp and DBA

S Corp C Corp Comparison

Compare company types and learn key advantages and disadvantages of a corporation, DBA and LLC.

The Differences Between a C Corp & an S Corp

S Corp C Corp Comparison

An S corporation is a distinctive type of corporate entity that provides special tax advantages to owners of the business. A C corporation, also referred to as a regular corporation, is automatically ...

C Corporation vs S Corporation

C Corporation

C Corporations, or “C Corps” as they’re commonly known, are the primary format of publicly held companies. Their shares can be easily bought and sold on public stock exchanges since there is no limit on the number of shareholders they can have. In addition, unlike S Corporations, C Corp shareholders are not limited to natural persons (can be corporations or partnerships), nor is there a requirement that they be US residents or citizens.

C Corporation vs LLC

Differences in Formation

How to Form an LLC

Typically, forming an LLC only requires a state filing (usually to the secretary of state's office) and in many states can be completed online. Individuals can form LLCs, with the legal, maximum number of members in one varying by state. The state filing consists of information such as the following:

LLC vs. S Corp: Which Is Right for Your Startup?

Choosing the right business structure can be a daunting task for the small business owner or entrepreneur. You may have heard that the traditional C Corporation is overkill for most small businesses, and results in higher overall tax payments through something known as double taxation. But if the C Corporation isn’t right, then what is?

S Corporation vs LLC: Which Structure is Right for Your Business :

S Corporation vs. LLC: Which Structure is Right for Your Business



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Determining the type of legal structure for a new business can be daunting for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Corporations and limited liability companies (“LLCs”) are preferred business structures because, unlike sole proprietorships and partnerships, both offer liability protection. This means that the owner of a company cannot be held personally responsible for the company’s debts. The personal assets of an owner are shielded from company liabilities.

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