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Rooftop Garden Design

[Summary]Rooftop Garden Ideas | Garden Design Rooftop Garden Design Ideas What should I know before starting a roof garden? By Jack Ruttle Popular in NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and other areas, rooftop gardens offer a respite from the fast-paced city an


Rooftop Garden Ideas | Garden Design

Rooftop Garden Design Ideas

What should I know before starting a roof garden? By Jack Ruttle

Popular in NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and other areas, rooftop gardens offer a respite from the fast-paced city and can be used for outdoor entertaining or growing vegetables. Browse the following examples to discover the possibilities for your rooftop space.

30 Rooftop Garden Design Ideas Adding Freshness to Your Urban Home

Not too long ago, we featured a post on Freshome entitled 38 Garden Design Ideas Turning Your Home Into a Peaceful Refuge, which turned out to be quite popular. Nourishing your love for gardening may prove difficult to do in an environment that lacks…a backyard. But we are here to offer alternative solutions to your home design issues. This post is a reminder of that unoccupied space above your building that could be converted into a beautiful urban oasis. As you probably imagine, building your own rooftop garden is not as easy as planting shrubs in the ground, but with research, good planning and determination, such a project could substantially upgrade your lifestyle. If you are ready to embark on this dazzling adventure, the photos below should inspire you in deciding on the overall design of the new garden.

Vegetable Roof Garden - Gallery - Garden Design

Rooftop Garden Design

<p>A look at the life-cycle of a rooftop vegetable farm for a Canadian restaurant—complete with hydroponic planters, a hoop house—including the harvest of beautiful vegetables. See more <a href="/rooftop/">rooftop gardens</a>.</p>

Rooftop Garden Design – Eco Conscious Approach to Landscape Design + Maintenance

At RDG we take great pride in our designs, to start the process we take the time to meet our clients at their outdoor space since we believe you can’t design something great until you physically experience the space and the surroundings. During this initial meeting our staff will take measurements, photos, and most importantly walk you through a questionnaire to get a feeling for what you envision your space to be, elements and materials you like and dislike, as well as the budget you need to fall within.

30 Rooftop Garden Design Ideas

Rooftop Garden Design

We would like to introduce design ideas for garden space to your best. We always welcome likes and comments. see more pictures, design ideas Design Ideas Hom...

Pacific Horticulture Society | A Designer's Tips for a Rooftop Garden

My dirty little secret? I love interior design as much as I do landscape design. Growing up, I remember rearranging...

Rooftop Gardens

We are very excited about rooftop gardening and the evolving rooftop living aesthetic. No longer are penthouse gardens only for the super-rich. Today many elevated surfaces can be built-out to create fantastic outdoor garden rooms and unique living spaces. A rooftop garden is both similar to, and quite different from, a traditional landscape garden. Conditions on rooftops, garage roofs, decks and terraces can be extreme, but with the proper design and selection of the rooftop components a surprising number of approaches are possible on a rooftop.

Rooftop garden design and installation services in Chicago

“Our rooftop deck is beautifully designed and very functional. The staff at Christy Webber Landscapes worked with us from day one to insure we were completely satisfied with the finished product. Great people, great organization.”

– Jane and Greg W., Homeowner

Rooftop Garden | Miami Design District

Rooftop Garden

Perched atop the Garden Building in the Miami Design District, the Rooftop Garden, designed by landscape architect Nathan Browning with Island Planning, features a 5,000-square-foot garden with three fully-mature Mahogany trees, a maze of Jamaican Spice-Wood hedges, and is accented with Philodendrons and Railroad vines.

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