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Recipes for Zimbabwe Food

[Summary]ZimboKitchen 420: Mugaiwa served with Shredded Beef nemuriwo Sadza remugaiwa, (straight run) is one of the popular mealie-meals in Zimbabwe. Straight-run mealie-meal is one that has just been milled once and is preferred among those that- Read More »



420: Mugaiwa served with Shredded Beef nemuriwo

Sadza remugaiwa, (straight run) is one of the popular mealie-meals in Zimbabwe. Straight-run mealie-meal is one that has just been milled once and is preferred among those that… Read More »

Food in Spain


Spain's culinary traditions rely on an abundance of locally grown vegetables and fruits as well as meats and poultry. Jamón serrano , a cured ham, and chorizo , a seasoned sausage, are popular. Seafood and fish are popular in coastal areas. Other popular foods are cheeses, eggs, beans, rice, nuts (especially almonds), and bread (a crusty white bread, baked fresh daily, is common). Olive oil and garlic are common ingredients. Spain is also known for its wines, including the rioja , made in the northern province; sherry, a fortified wine that may be dry or sweet; and sangria, wine mixed with fruit and soda water.

Cookies From Zimbabwe Recipe

I made these for the DPW shops at work this past Christmas. They were G*O*N*E in no time. When they asked me what was in them and I said, "Oh, sweet potato..." they thought I was kidding. I did use just a bit more lemon in the glaze, and you just need a bit of the glazing on the cookie. Don't over-bake them...8 to 10 minutes is sufficient, or they will burn. These cookies are a definite addition to the recipe folder.

Traditional Spanish Food

Traditional Spanish Food. Learn about the traditional Spanish food and find out information about Spanish recipes such as tapas,tortilla, paella and more..


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We love Spain and Spanish food, which has allowed us to share our enthusiasm with all of you.

There is nothing more traditional Spanish than jamón serrano. This country ham is a national treasure enjoyed in Spain by all walks of life. You find jamones wherever you look - hanging in stores, bars, and even private homes.

Zimbabwe | Food and Drink | Goway Travel

The main staple of Zimbabwean cuisine is maize/ corn and is used in a variety of dishes. Food in Zimbabwe has remained traditionally African for the most part, however British colonization certainly left its mark. Common British spices, breads, sugar and tea have become part of the daily life in Zimbabwe. Despite its traditional roots, eating out in Zimbabwe is popular and local and international cuisines are available.


Cholent (Yiddish: טשאָלנט, tsholnt or tshoolnt) or Hamin (Hebrew: חמין‎‎) is a traditional Jewish stew. It is usually simmered overnight for 12 hours or more, and eaten for lunch on Shabbat (the Sabbath). Cholent was developed over the centuries to conform with Jewish laws that prohibit cooking on the Sabbath. The pot is brought to a boil on Friday before the Sabbath begins, and kept on a blech or hotplate, or placed in a slow oven or electric slow cooker, until the following day.

Spanish Recipes

Spanish Food is considered one of the healthiest in the world. donQuijote offers you a collection of traditional recipes from Spain.

Indian winter soup

Recipes for Zimbabwe Food

This warming winter soup is high in fibre, low in fat and can be frozen for ultimate convenience

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