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Recipe for Beef Tripe

[Summary]The Nasty Bits: Menudo Rojo, or Red-Chile Tripe Soup Recipe | Serious Eats Honeycomb tripe Here is a list, off the top of my head, of textures that many eaters dislike: gooey, slimy, rubbery, and gelatinous. A gooey consistency may be prized in the c


The Nasty Bits: Menudo Rojo, or Red-Chile Tripe Soup Recipe | Serious Eats

Honeycomb tripe

Here is a list, off the top of my head, of textures that many eaters dislike: gooey, slimy, rubbery, and gelatinous.

A gooey consistency may be prized in the center of a molten chocolate cake, but in the context of beef tendon that has been braised until it is soft and sticky, this texture appeals to a much smaller audience. For slimy, consider birds' nest soup. Slivers of nest, essentially made from the birds' saliva, are mucilaginous when suspended in a starch-thickened broth. Rubbery foods, like jellyfish, are somewhat resilient or elastic to the bite. Gelatinous textures are abundant: well-stewed pig's foot, any form of aspic, and Jell-o are all common and range in popularity. And lastly, some foods are combinations of the textures: sea cucumber, for instance, is both gelatinous and rubbery, with a kind of crispness on the surface.

Tripe Soup Recipe

This is excellent ! The flavors are mellow and the tripe tender. I grew up having this soup and still make it (my brother calls requesting it several times a year:))I have served this to company and they loved it. Most of the time they don't know what it is or think the tripe is baccala or some type of fish until I explain the difference and they can not believe how delicious this really is


Tripe in an Italian market

Tripe is a type of edible lining from the stomachs of various farm animals. Most tripe is from cattle.[1][2][3]

1 Types of tripes

1.2 Other animals

1.3 Washed tripe

2 Dishes prepared with tripe

3 Related dishes

4 References

Types of tripes[edit]

Beef tripe[edit]

Beef tripe is usually made from the muscle wall (the interior mucosal lining is removed) of only the first three chambers of a cow's stomach: the rumen (blanket/flat/smooth tripe), the reticulum (honeycomb and pocket tripe), and the omasum (book/bible/leaf tripe). Abomasum (reed) tripe is seen much less frequently, owing to its glandular tissue content.

Tripe Aita

Recipe for Beef Tripe

My mother and father were both good cooks, and both of them had definite opinions about how things should be done in the kitchen. But this dish was my father's—his alone—so my mother never said a word about it. I like to call it the "tripe of my father," aita being the Basque word for "father." It is a rustic family-style dish that satisfies the appetite and nourishes the soul. As you cook honeycomb tripe, it will throw off a lot of liquid, which eliminates the need for stock and flavors the sauce. Like most braises, this tastes even better the next day.

Beef Tripe Recipe

Recipe for Beef Tripe

Try this delicious recipe for beef tripe and it just may open your eyes to the world of lesser cuts of meat. These are lightly battered and sauteed with onio...

African Tripe Stew Recipe -

Recipe for Beef Tripe

Twelve ounces of cooked beef cut into 1 inch squares can be substituted for an equal amount of the tripe. Then cook the tripe and beef together. This is a popular stew in Africa.


Recipe for Beef Tripe

This is an authentic Mexican soup that is very basic.

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