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Putting People to Sleep

[Summary]Put to sleep Synonyms, Put to sleep Antonyms | sleep O.E. slæpan "to sleep" (class VII strong verb; past tense slep, pp. slæpen), from W.Gmc. *slæpanan (cf. O.S. slapan, O.Fris. slepa, M.Du. slapen, Du. slapen, O.H.G. slafen, Ger.


Put to sleep Synonyms, Put to sleep Antonyms |

sleep O.E. slæpan "to sleep" (class VII strong verb; past tense slep, pp. slæpen), from W.Gmc. *slæpanan (cf. O.S. slapan, O.Fris. slepa, M.Du. slapen, Du. slapen, O.H.G. slafen, Ger. schlafen, Goth. slepan "to sleep"), from PIE base *sleb- "to be weak, sleep" (cf. O.C.S. slabu, Lith. silpnas "weak"), which is perhaps connected to the root of slack (adj.). Sleep with "do the sex act with" is in O.E."Gif hwa fæmnan beswice unbeweddode, and hire mid slæpe ..." [Laws of King Alfred, c.900]Sleep around first attested 1928. Sleeping sickness as a specific African tropical ...disease is first recorded 1875. Sleepless is from early 15c.; sleepy first attested early 13c.

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As far back as grammar school, Drew had issues sleeping. Like most kids, school caused the most anxiety and were the primary cause of his listless nights. He’d just lay awake at night, in his bed, in the dark, waiting for sleep to just happen. It just never happened easily.

He remembers explaining the issue to his parents and asking help. They responded to the request the way a parent would a kid asking for help with a homework assignment. “Just lay there and close your eyes,” his mother and father told him, “and think about something nice.” Drew was left to figure it out alone.

Ed Sheeran And Sam Smith Are Putting People To Sleep, According To Spotify

Spotify data shows people are using the songs of Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith to fall asleep more than any other artists.



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