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[Summary]Apollo 15 postage stamp incident A souvenir with one of the postal covers that were taken aboard Apollo 15 without authorization. The crew of Apollo 15 took 398 unauthorized commemorative postage stamp covers with them on their trip to the Moon (400


Apollo 15 postage stamp incident

A souvenir with one of the postal covers that were taken aboard Apollo 15 without authorization.

The crew of Apollo 15 took 398 unauthorized commemorative postage stamp covers with them on their trip to the Moon (400 were printed, but two were damaged and destroyed prior to being packaged), with the understanding that, when they returned, 100 of the covers were to be sold to the German stamp dealer who provided them. Those 100 covers are known today by philatelists as the "Sieger covers", named such after the dealer, Hermann Sieger. The remaining 298 covers were to be kept by the crew members as souvenirs but were later confiscated by NASA when the public sale of Sieger's covers was discovered soon after the mission. The crew's 298 covers were not returned until 1983, after the astronauts filed suit against the government for their return, citing NASA's partnership with the U.S. Postal Service to sell covers flown on the Space Shuttle.

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Post Office Primary Teaching Resources & Printables

Post Office Role- Play Pack (SB335)

A set of excellent printable signs and labels for use in your Post Office role- play area. Includes A4 posters, a ‘Post Office’ banner, labels, signs as well as writing aids for special deliveries, address labels etc.

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