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People Who remained Single

[Summary]10 Famous Single Ladies on the Joys of Being Unmarried "That old maid myth is garbage." Single person In legal definitions for interpersonal status, a single person is someone who is not in a relationship or is unmarried. In common usage, the te


10 Famous Single Ladies on the Joys of Being Unmarried

People Who remained Single

"That old maid myth is garbage."

Single person

In legal definitions for interpersonal status, a single person is someone who is not in a relationship or is unmarried. In common usage, the term 'single' is often used to refer to someone who is not involved in any type of serious romantic relationship, including long-term dating, engagement, marriage, or someone who is 'single by choice'.[1] Single people may participate in dating and other activities to find a long-term partner or spouse.

Living Single: What happens when you never find The One?

People Who remained Single

Ellen McCarthy and Wendy Braitman discuss being single, the unmarried life and relationships.

Record Number of Americans Will Stay Single for Life

People Who remained Single

The most recent report from the Pew Research Center offered a remarkably important, data-based prediction: “…when today’s young adults reach their mid-40s to mid-50s, a record high share (25%) is likely to have never been married.” //...

What does the Bible say about a Christian staying single?

This week's Question of the Week:

Meet the People Who Want to Be Single Forever

Why Some Women Remain Single

People Who remained Single
Throughout history, a very different picture has been painted when it comes to the Single Woman vs. the Single Man. Single men are seen as "bachelors" - independent, having fun, and enjoying life to its fullest before getting "chained down" by a woman. Single women on the other hand, have long been seen as less than whole if they're not attached, lonely spinsters, and cat ladies. Hopefully by now in the age of human equality, we all know these archaic views are just that - out of date, and untrue. However, the lingering effects of deep social strongholds can die hard, and women are often the guilty ones when it comes to letting go of old, stale self-perceptions.

Stigmatised for being single: More women are choosing to live alone but they're becoming irritated at being pitied and patronised by their married friends

Apart from financial anxiety, which I'm suffering along with most of the population in this grim economic climate, I am, otherwise, very content with my life, says singleton Charlotte (pictured).

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