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Patriotism in the United States

[Summary]American nationalism An 1869 Thomas Nast cartoon espousing American nationalism. In the cartoon, Americans of different ancestries and ethnic backgrounds sit together at a dinner table with Columbia to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal as equal members of th


American nationalism

An 1869 Thomas Nast cartoon espousing American nationalism. In the cartoon, Americans of different ancestries and ethnic backgrounds sit together at a dinner table with Columbia to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal as equal members of the American citizenry, while Uncle Sam prepares and sets the table. Thus, the cartoon espouses an inclusive form of American nationalism that is civic in nature, where membership in the nation is not dependent upon ethnicity.[1][2]

American patriotism

The Stars and Stripes

Statue of Liberty in New York City.

Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C..

American patriotism is patriotism involving cultural attachment of Americans to the United States as their homeland.[1] American patriotism has been identified by some as distinct from American nationalism because of the emphasis of American patriotism upon values rather than a commitment to a nation.[1]Ralph Waldo Emerson described the United States as an "asylum of all nations".[2] Official American values were laid out in the Declaration of Independence that emphasized human rights, such as declaring that "all men are created equal", that people have "inalienable rights", and that people have the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"[3] American patriotism has also focused on the principles and values of the Constitution of the United States.[4]

The A-Blast : The meaning of patriotism in America today

The meaning of patriotism in America today

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Patriotism is an active loyalty to one’s country. Patriotism is important to any country. It is what bonds citizens of a country together regardless of other distinctions. American Patriotism is a loyalty not to a party or president, but to the American Constitution and founding values. The Constitution guarantees the basic freedoms and rights of American citizens, establishes a balance of power within the government, and creates the system for elections and peaceful transitions of power. The Constitution is America, and American citizens are America. As America changes, its roots stay the same. America is, as Abraham Lincoln said, “government of the people, by the people, for the people”.

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Patriotism in the United States

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United States

From the December 2002 issue of World Press Review (VOL. 49, No. 12)

Eye on the United States

American Patriotism

Goenawan Mohamad, Tempo (independent newsmagazine), Jakarta, Indonesia, Oct. 14, 2002 , November 6, 2002

“I’ve seen a lot of patriots,” Hemingway wrote in a letter, “...and their patriotism was only good for legends; it was bad for their prose and made them write bad poetry.” A website dedicated to the Flag of the United States of America

Patriotic Essays

Presented here are a some essays that I have assembled for all of you with a patriotic heart. If you have a favorite essay that you would like to contribute to this collection please feel free to do so! Be sure to include the title & author (if known) to Contact Us.
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