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Naming a Business Ideas

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Business Name Ideas

Naming a Business Ideas

Business Name Ideas - read about

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Don't Pick a Business Name Until You Read This

If you're starting a business, naming that business is probably the last thing you want to be thinking about. You are worried about cash flow, vendors, and that not-so-tiny concern of sales.

Coming up with the perfect name is the SINGLE most important step to starting any business effort off on the right foot.

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Generate highly relevant name suggestions which are closely related to the primary keywords searched for. Some of the methods used for the task are as follows

Synonyms, Antonyms and others using Thesaurus

More suggestions using words that co-occur much more often than normally expected (also known as collocations) and words that often form a continuous sequence in a text or speech (also known as n-grams)

Business Name Contests

Naming a Business Ideas

Business name contests. Our troops name your business. The crowd submits names, we rank, you choose. Crowdsourced business naming services.

Naming a Business & Protecting Ideas |

Video Transcript

I decided I wanted a name that sounded family-friendly, not bargain, because we are a full retail. This shop looks a little bit like an old British book shop, with all the wood. And I just wanted a real, kind of homespun look to it. I came up with Blue Willow and registered the name. The reason it was called Movie DVD and VHS Rental is one of my investors later suggested, you know, changing the name, adding the exclamation point here and it became what it is now. It took us probably a couple of months to be able to choose the name. A lot of people say, wow, it just seems natural that you would call it Natural Pawz. We actually had friends and family and ourselves, we had pages and pages of names. We came up with the name of our business because I wanted people to have a good understanding of exactly what type of restaurant we were. The Italian Cafe. They know coming in here they are not going to get Chinese food. It was really about a matter of whittling down the names, which ones did we like? Which ones did we not like? And then going to the Internet. I mean, the Internet is a powerful tool to see, well, what does that name pull up when you Google it or put it on Yahoo!? Well, today it seems like it would be, it was always our name and it was easy to come up with. But, it was a long process. Well I don't know if you can really protect your ideas in, you know, retail business. You know retail is just different than a service business or a business where you come up with the idea, because we steal ideas everyday. We haven't registered the name of the business Movies The Store, Movies! The Store. It was kind of a play on, you know, when it was like, Superman The Movie. We named it, Movie The Store, because we thought it was a nice simple way of just describing of what it is.

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