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[Summary]Recognizing Hard Work: Customer Experience Program Names When we design and roll-out various aspects of "voice-of-the-customer" (VoC) programs with our B2B clients, one of the first questions we tend to ask is, "How do you refer to the prog


Recognizing Hard Work: Customer Experience Program Names

When we design and roll-out various aspects of “voice-of-the-customer” (VoC) programs with our B2B clients, one of the first questions we tend to ask is, “How do you refer to the program both internally and with customers – is there a name for it?” We ask this because the name of program provides insight into how the organization is thinking about feedback. It primes employees to understand the role of the initiative and sets expectations with customers at the same time.

"Names mean everything" in the Bible.

The name means everything

name that means everything

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Ariens | Lawn & Snow Equipment | Zero Turn Mowers & Snow Blowers

Putting our name on something means everything.

​From etching “Ariens” onto our first rototiller in 1933 to stamping our logo onto zero-turn mowers today, putting our name on a machine is a very meaningful moment. It means we believe in that machine, we stand behind it, and we’ve put everything we’ve got into it. Because we don’t just put our family name on machines, we put our family name on the line.

Baby Names | BabyCenter

name that means everything

Finding the perfect name for your baby can be a big task. Gather name ideas and inspiration here, and learn how to make the dec...

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