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[Summary]Moroccans Moroccans (Arabic: المغاربة al-Magharibah, Berber: ⵉⵎⵖⵕⴰⴱⵉⵢⵏ ; Imɣṛabiyen) are a people that share a common Moroccan culture and ancestry. In addition to the 33 million Moroccans in Morocco, there is a large Moroccan diaspora in France, Bel



Moroccans (Arabic: المغاربة al-Magharibah, Berber: ⵉⵎⵖⵕⴰⴱⵉⵢⵏ ; Imɣṛabiyen) are a people that share a common Moroccan culture and ancestry.

In addition to the 33 million Moroccans in Morocco, there is a large Moroccan diaspora in France, Belgium, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and a smaller one in United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Arabian Peninsula and in other Arab states. A sizable part of the Moroccan diaspora is composed of Moroccan Jews.

Flag of Morocco

The flag of Morocco (Arabic: علم المغرب‎‎; Berber: Acenyal n Umerruk) is made of a red field with a black-bordered green pentagram representing the Seal of Solomon.

Red has considerable historic significance in Morocco, proclaiming the descent of the royal Alaouite family from the Islamic prophet Muhammad via Fatimah, the wife of Ali, the fourth Muslim Caliph. Red is also the color that was used by the sharifs of Mecca and the imams of Yemen. From the 17th century on, when Morocco was ruled by the Alaouite dynasty, the flags of the country were plain red. In 1915, during the reign of Mulay Yusef, the green interlaced pentangle was added to the national flag. While Morocco was under French and Spanish control, the red flag with the seal in the center remained in use, but only inland. Its use at sea was prohibited. When independence was restored in 1955, it once again became the national flag.

Moroccan Goumier

Goumiers of the 2nd Group of Moroccan Tabors embarking on a Landing craft in Corsica, destination Elba.

The Moroccan Goumiers (French: Les Goumiers Marocains) were indigenous soldiers who served in auxiliary units attached to the French Army of Africa, between 1908 and 1956. While nominally in the service of the Sultan of Morocco, they served under French officers.

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Moroccan Flag
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Moroccan Flag
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Morocco Flag, Flag of Morocco

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