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[Summary]Worlds Biggest Jumping Spider In Slow Motion We filmed the Hyllus giganteus, the largest jumping spider in the world, in slow motion! Subscribe to Earth Unplugged - Check out the BBC Earth website http://www.b


Worlds Biggest Jumping Spider In Slow Motion

We filmed the Hyllus giganteus, the largest jumping spider in the world, in slow motion!

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Jumping Spiders Pest Profile: Bites & Pest Control Info

Retreats may be built under furniture, in drapery folds, between books on bookshelves, in cracks found in wood floors, around door and window molding, etc. Outside retreats may be found under loose bark, between leaves, etc. Indoors, spiders will usually be found hunting around windows and doors because more insects are attracted to these areas and their vision is best in sunlit areas. Outdoors, jumping spiders are commonly seen running over tree bark, under stones and boards, on bushes, fences, decks and the outside of buildings, especially sunny areas.

Jumping spiders Salticidae

Jumping spiders

Family Salticidae Home <------

These are my favourite spiders. When you have attracted their attention, they follow you with their big eyes. They are friendly little creatures that always like to jump on your camera or your fingers.
Their life in the warm radiation of the sun have produced a variety and colouration not matched by any other spider. You can see their colouring even better on my Australian site. Most salticids, 5026 described species in 550 genera, live in the tropics. Although less abundant, 75 species, in 43 genera, can also been found here in Europe.
The salticids live for the most part on vegetation. The rectangular thorax, stout body, the rather short legs, their distinctive eye arrangement and their jumping capabilities make them one of the most easily recognizable families.

Biggest jumping spider EVER!! (Hyllus diardi) male

One of the biggest jumping spiders ever..Unfortunately he has died two months after this video because he was very old ..I don't know if he was poisonous, I just put it on my hand and that's it

Jumping Spiders - National Wildlife Federation

Jumping Spiders in the October 2011 issue of Ranger Rick Magazine

Jumping Spider, Metacyrba taeniola similis

Jumping Spider

Metacyrba taeniola similis

Identified by Lenny Vincent

Araneae: Salticidae

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