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Immigrants Coming to the United States

[Summary]Immigration Net migration rates for 2011: positive (blue), negative (orange), stable (green), and no data (gray) Administrative detention Citizenship Immigration (illegal) Jus sanguinis Leave to remain Nationality Naturalization Statelessness Adminis



Net migration rates for 2011: positive (blue), negative (orange), stable (green), and no data (gray)

Administrative detention


Immigration (illegal)

Jus sanguinis

Leave to remain




Administrative detainee

Citizen (dual / multiple


Illegal immigrant

Coming to America: The Story of Immigration

Important Dates

About 20,000 BC—First people come to North America from Asia.

AD 200—Civilizations flourish in the Americas.

1000-- Vikings settle for a short time in Newfoundland, Canada.

1492—Columbus reaches the Americas. Other Europeans explorers soon follow.

1505—First African slaves are brought to the Americas by the Spaniards.

What Immigrants Say About Life in the United States

Steve Farkas, Senior Vice President of the research group Public Agenda, reveals some of the findings of a new survey on the attitudes of immigrants in America.

5 facts about illegal immigration in the U.S. | Pew Research Center

Iveth • 11 months ago

Even if the Native Americans and Europeans from the “new world” have passed away, the damage the Europeans made is still present today. There is not a single soul that is not an immigrant. America’s foundation is immigration. The real Citizens are Native Americans. It was not a “new world” for it was inhibited by Native Americans for it was their land. The native Americans took in and help the Europeans live in the “new world” their world. What did the Europeans do in return of the natives help? They fought, brought in diseases, scattered families, destroyed, and sent off the Native Americans from their land. Americans have and always will try to fight for something that is not theirs and then end up complaining that they are the ones who are abused. That they are the ones who work hard and that Immigrants are Lazy. No immigrants are not. All if all they seek for a job to maintain their family. Immigrants do not care what kind of horrible job they get, for they are simply trying to feed their families. Americans complain that Immigrants are taking over their jobs. Blaming it on them always and saying they do the work for half the cost, but heck is an immigrant lands a job it is like heaven for them, no matter if the jobs is like hell. Why? Immigrants are not afraid to work hard and/ or a crappy job, if it means their family will not perish. ** Americans need to understand that immigrants cannot just not get a job. It is hard for an immigrant to even find a “horrible” job to do and when they land a job they are pleased to even have it and work extremely hard to keep it. Americans are always putting conditions and always want to work where the air is fresh and the work is easy. While immigrants don’t mind working out in the fields, getting cut up, burned and/or around dangerous chemicals. Immigrants don’t mind sharing a house with 20 other individuals (an american said this) if they all work and saving money (the little money they get from their horrible jobs) this way then let them be. Immigrants do all they can to survive, they don’t want to be sharing and living with other 19 people, but if it means they will live and they can save their money to one day have their own homes then they don’t mind suffering. On the other hand Americans you can say are to picky or they think they are to smart to do that kind of labor and deserve to get paid better. Of course immigrants should get paid more also, but more than often immigrants settle for a less weigh than Americans do because it is hard to even get a job in the first place. Also need to understand that immigrants come to America trying to seek a better and safer life to live. In the case of Central Americans, the crime rate is extremely high. If an individual owns a store, is a working individual, or has a home – then there are gang affiliations to oppress them. All the money they make the gang comes in and takes it away from them or they die. These individuals are always in fear because Gang affiliations put a bill on them due at anytime of that month of extremely high prices and if they do not meet them they die. The contradiction here is how can they sell and buy if everyone has a bill to pay and they have no money to even start of with since the gangs took their money? how will they live if the people don’t have money to buy food? also were will the food come from if no crops can be planted? If there is even anyone left to even plant any crops, due to the gangs killing and posting bills on the working individual that they cannot afford to pay. The people have no choice but to come to the United States for a better living, IF they even make it to the USA along the way. They have to risk taking the journey into the united states or die back home. Many can not afford paying thousands and thousands of dollars to get a visa or green card because they are being oppressed to their very last dime by gang affiliations. Americans say they should go back home and “apply” for a green card the right way and they say it so easy and carefree with a happy face. Not knowing the reality and immigrants struggle. This is a major reason why immigration is growing and the fear of being deportation exist. Also, where will an immigrant or undocumented individual who has lived in the united state all their lives go to in their country if they get deported? Children who were brought in to the US as children do not know where to go in case they get deported. Say their parents are dead, they are of young age, and they do not have family back in their country? It is unfair and unjust to send them to somewhere unknown. Immigrants don’t leave their homes to come compete with Americans, but to seek a better life and safety for their family. By the way it is extremely hard to even consider getting government funding’s or health care. Everything is triple the amount an american has to pay, so stop complaining that you have to pay 100 for a doctors visit when immigrants have to pay even thousands of dollars for that same doctors visit. An immigrant has to directly pay everything out of pocket and triple the amount than Americans. Immigrants more often than not don’t go running to the hospital because of a cold or flue like many Americans do, because they don’t have the money to pay thousands of dollars to a simple doctors visit. Instead they cure them self, struggling to keep their jobs while taking days of to recover IF they even take days off. Immigrants are slaves in the states and imprisoned in their own homes back in their countries awaiting to die. Therefor, before you go discriminating and treating immigrants horribly, just understand that they can take it because they have far more important things in life to worry about then someone with a bad mouth. Just wanted to say in general don’t judge a book by its cover. Have a blessed day.

More Mexicans Leaving Than Coming to the U.S. | Pew Research Center

More Mexicans Leaving Than Coming to the U.S.

Net Loss of 140,000 from 2009 to 2014; Family Reunification Top Reason for Return

By Ana Gonzalez-Barrera

Immigrants Coming to the United States
More Mexican immigrants have returned to Mexico from the U.S. than have migrated here since the end of the Great Recession, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of newly available government data from both countries. The same data sources also show the overall flow of Mexican immigrants between the two countries is at its smallest since the 1990s, mostly due to a drop in the number of Mexican immigrants coming to the U.S.

Open Collections Program: Immigration to the US, Timeline

Key Dates and Landmarks in United States Immigration History

Calavita, Kitty. US Immigration Law and the Control of Labor: 1820-1924. London, Orlando: Academic Press, 1984.

Digital History: Ethnic Voices.

LeMay, Michael and Robert Barkan Elliott, eds., US Immigration and Naturalization Laws and Issues: A Documentary History. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1999.

New Immigration Wave Coming: Census Bureau Predicts 1.24 Million More Immigrants To Enter USA in 2015


New data from the U.S. Census Bureau—published in recognition of “World Population Day,” which was July 11—predicts that 1.24 million new immigrants will enter the United States in 2015.

The Census Bureau published the new data in its International Data Base, which contains population estimates and projections up to the year 2050. The figure from the Census Bureau is a calculation of net migration—meaning the total number of immigrants who will arrive in the United States in 2015 would actually be larger than 1.24 million, but this net figure accounts for and subtracts the number of immigrants who leave the country.

Immigrants in the United States, 2010: A Profile of America's Foreign-Born Population | Center for Immigration Studies

Among top immigrant-receiving states, welfare use by immigrant households is highest in Minnesota (48 percent), New York (41 percent), and Texas (45 percent). It is lowest in Virginia (20 percent), Georgia (30 percent), and Nevada (25 percent).

Among top immigrant-receiving states, home ownership for immigrant households is highest in Florida (61 percent), Illinois (61 percent), and Maryland (59 percent). It is lowest in California (48 percent), Massachusetts (47 percent), and Minnesota (46 percent).

Immigration Statistics | Homeland Security

These are reports and data presented by the Office of Immigration Statistics.

New Releases

2014 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics

Immigration Statistics full report and summary.

2014 Yearbook Data Tables

Yearbook tables and supplemental tables in excel format.

Refugees and Asylees: 2014 (view summary and full report)

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