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How to Write a Family Reunion Letter?

[Summary]"Writing "​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Use How to write a family reunion letter? | Add the location of the family reunion Write where the reunion is taking place, including separate driving directions or maps from major highways to give recipient



How to Write a Family Reunion Letter?


How to write a family reunion letter? |

Add the location of the family reunion

Write where the reunion is taking place, including separate driving directions or maps from major highways to give recipients a general idea of the location. Offer the exact address of the event's place so it can easily be input into GPS or other map service programs.

How do you write a family reunion welcome letter?

A family reunion welcome letter should focus on gaining the family members' attention, presenting pertinent information and requesting any needed help or services. The specific tone of the letter...

How to write a family reunion letter

Family reunions are a time to reconnect with others that may live hundreds of miles away or just down the block. Preparing a family reunion letter is the first step in letting other family members know about the event that is being planned and the importance of their attendance. The reunion letter is more than an invitation; it is a connection request filled with important dates, times and family history. The main purpose of the letter is to not only inform but also excite and involve other members of the family with planning details of the reunion.

Reunion Letters

2012 Jahner Family Reunion

Come one come all to the 2012 Jahner Family Reunion on June 29th and 30th at the POST in Mandan, ND. The POST is located 1.5-2 miles south on Highway 1806.

We created a website called Jahner Family Reunion which can be found at There is a wide variety of history and pictures that have been posted and we are always looking for more. Feel free to bring along pictures of your family – we will be happy to scan them and add them to the website and family tree. For those of you who have computers, the website also has links to the motels, churches, local information, travel information, weather, fireworks information for each city, childhood stories, favorite recipes, birthday calendar, etc. The website is steadily being updated as time permits.

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Reunion Resources

Hotels & Lodging by State

Hotels & Lodging International Destinations

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How to Start a Family Newsletter: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

wikiHow to Start a Family Newsletter

Are you interested in starting a family newsletter? Whether your goal is to update family members on news, create an outlet for creativity, or mostly anything else, then read on to find out more.

If you're making a family newsletter, make sure you get your readers involved. Hold contests! Take interviews! Give people opportunities to write some articles! Anything to get them involved.

2017 Family Reunion Letter

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