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How to Make Thermite

[Summary]2 Easy Ways to Make Thermite (with Pictures) 1. Take the necessary precautions. More ↓ 2. Mix the aluminum and iron oxide powder together in a 27:80 ratio by weight. ↓ 3. Transfer the mixture into a strong container. ↓ 4. Insert a magnesium strip. ↓


2 Easy Ways to Make Thermite (with Pictures)

1. Take the necessary precautions. More ↓
2. Mix the aluminum and iron oxide powder together in a 27:80 ratio by weight. ↓
3. Transfer the mixture into a strong container. ↓
4. Insert a magnesium strip. ↓
5. Light the magnesium strip. ↓

How To Make Thermite

How to make thermite.
Get ingredients:
Iron Oxide
Magnesium Ribbon

Today I'm going to show you how to make thermite for science reasons.

Remember to take any necessary safety precautions before attempting anything.

Share any thermite tips you have in the comments.

.................................................................................................................................................................................. Quick explanation of thermite: A mixture of iron oxide Fe2O3 (rust) and aluminum powder. When it is ignited the aluminum powder reacts with the O3 part of the rust in a highly exothermic reaction, the resulting product is molten iron. Thermite is commonly used in welding, because the molten iron has the ability to seep into cracks in metal. It cal also be used to melt through things as shown in an episode of Brainiac and the movie The Sixth Day. I have made thermite a few times, but never in large enough batches to burn through anything significant. Aluminum powder is hard to come by and I never had a good enough reason to use what little powder I had.

How to Make Thermite

How to Make Thermite

Thermite is an incendiary reaction that can burn as hot as 2500°C or more. That means that if you lit a pound of thermite on top of your car it would melt through your hood, through your engine, th…

Make Thermite out of Sand

How to Make Thermite

See my blog for a writeup of this experiment (from one of my first experiments!):

How to make thermite.

Thermite Reaction

A thermite reaction is basically iron oxide (rust) reacting with aluminum to produce molten iron. The reaction is initiated by the heat from burning magnesium ribbon which is placed in the iron oxide/aluminum mixture, this is the fuse! (Any heat source can be used to start the reaction but it needs to be very hot as magnesium burns at about 650°C (1200°F) A sparkler may work but I have not tried this.)' property='og:url' />

Demo Lab: The Thermite Reaction

Potassium permanganate. KMnO4, is a potent oxidizing agent. Upon contact with organic materials such as acetone, glycerin etc., a violent reaction takes place that consumes the organic material and leaves behind a residue of Mn2O3. This makes an interesting pyrotechnic demonstration of chemical incompatibility in its own right, but is not our present focus:

The thermite reaction- Learn Chemistry

Observers and demonstrator must wear eye protection. For the demonstrator this must be goggles or a face shield.

Safety screens

For one demonstration:

Filter paper, 11 cm diameter

Pipe-clay triangle

Plastic beaker or thick-walled glass beaker (1 dm3) (it must fit between the tripod legs)

Sand (see diagram)

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