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How Does a Trombone Function

[Summary]Does a trigger trombone sound the same as a traditional trombone? I own a student trombone, and I am looking to purchase a professional one with a trigger. Does a trigger trombone produce the same sound as a non-triggered trombone of the same manufac


Does a trigger trombone sound the same as a traditional trombone?

How Does a Trombone Function

I own a student trombone, and I am looking to purchase a professional one with a trigger. Does a trigger trombone produce the same sound as a non-triggered trombone of the same manufacturer?

Instruments of the Orchestra

The Trombone

The trombone is the only instrument in the brass family that uses a slide instead of valves to change pitch. A standard trombone is made of long thin brass pipes. Two U-shaped pipes are linked at opposite ends to form an "S." One pipe slides into the other so the total length of the pipe can be extended or shortened. You play the trombone by holding it horizontally, buzzing into the mouthpiece, and using your right hand to change pitch by pushing or pulling the slide to one of seven different positions. If you stretch the trombone out straight, it is about 9 feet long. There are usually 3 trombones in the orchestra and they play pitches in the same range as the cello and bassoon. The three trombones often play harmonies together.


Trombone Details

The trombone has a length of 270 cm. A common design pitch is B-flat. If the tube is made wider with respect to its length, then the pedal tones sound more easily but the upper resonances are more difficult to play. A common construction material for trombones is yellow brass (70% copper, 30% zinc), but there are other variations. Slides may be made out of several materials: nickel for light, fast slides to heavier brass and nickel combinations.

Why do trombone players move the slide...

How Does a Trombone Function

when they don't seem to be changing the note proportionally?

How does a mouthpiece work? | Your Quest is Over…

Hartman Mouthpieces are designed with the understanding that each mouthpiece is an acoustic instrument – independent of the trombone – but obviously related to the trombone. “I believe that the primary function of a brass instrument mouthpiece is to serve as an acoustically matched bridge between the player’s aperture and the instrument – with the ultimate goal of imbuing this amplified sound with the characteristics of each specific instrument.”

The Role of the Trombone in Early Dixieland and Swing Jazz | Brian Thacker

The trombone’s role in early jazz music went through two stages; in Ragtime and Dixieland music it was defined as a melody instrument, but more often served as a source of counter-melodies or rhythmic accents, often linking harmonies with slurred chromatic glissandi that characterized the “Tailgate” sound.1 This dual role within the band was influenced by two major factors. The first factor was the instrument’s use in the brass band and military band tradition, where its role was largely limited to playing simple counter-melody parts to the cornets and providing a rhythmic foundation. The second factor is the possible lack of performance technique that relegated the trombonist to the playing of counter-melody parts, but also include special effect techniques unique to the trombone such as the glissandi, smear, and growling rip, an example of which is Kid Ory’s Creole Trombone.2 While the glissandi is self explanatory on a slide instrument, the technique of the growl may be unfamiliar. Mercer Ellington describes the growl as follows:

Use of the F attachment on Tenor Trombone

How Does a Trombone Function

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