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[Summary]Fever Borrowing Pat's favorite elements of the Proton, Rookie, and MBM, and combining them with a subtle single concave and lower rocker resulted in a board with a huge sweet spot. With a slightly more parallel outline and forgiving rocker the Fever



Borrowing Pat's favorite elements of the Proton, Rookie, and MBM, and combining them with a subtle single concave and lower rocker resulted in a board with a huge sweet spot. With a slightly more parallel outline and forgiving rocker the Fever has proven to be an all-around design that excels in a wide range of conditions and wave types.

How long is too long for a child to have a fever?

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

I was �finally� diagnosed with having Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in July of 2009. I say �finally� because I began having symptoms in October 2006.
My entire right leg had a red blotchy rash all up & down it & was swollen. I remember having excruciating headaches, severe diarrhea, stomach pain, all I could do was sleep, I remember not eating because I was so nauseous & my neck feeling extremely stiff, it really hurt to turn my head.
I had a rash that appeared to look like hives on my lower back & buttocks. I had tiny little �pimple looking� blisters on both hands (fingers) that weren�t painful. The palms of my hands & both of my wrists were red. They had small red circular marks under the skin, that didn�t hurt or itch (unless I was hot or sweating), I had the same small red marks on the soles of my feet & on my ankles. I remember my feet also itching when the were hot or sweating, which happened every time I wore socks & shoes.
I�m a chronic migraine patient. With these migraines I also have nausea with them. At the time & for months prior to my first sign, I was seen, every month, by an anesthesiologist. At that time, He had me on pretty strong medication for pain & nausea to treat my migraines. He was also preforming trigger point injections, radiofrequency & bottox in several places in my head & C3-C4.
Everytime I�d go to my family physician, at the time, because of the symptoms I was having, she dismissed my complaints & told me my neck was stiff from the radiofrequency & all the injections, I was nauseated from the migraines & had developed allergies.
I remember feeling & eventually being �brushed off� by my doctor. On the last visit I had with this doctor I remember I had my son with me & I was going over, again, all the above symptoms & telling her, I felt like I was going down hill (health wise), I was scared something serious was wrong with me & that I was going to dye. My son (at the time was 12) told her, My mom�s really sick, her head hurts her so bad, she can�t stay awake & she keeps getting this rash all over her body. She looked at my son & said �your mommy has a problem & it�s called being addicted to prescription pain medication�. I was completely taken back by her saying this to my son. If this was truly her concern I feel she could have told me a long time ago.
I remember her then asking me what medications I was taking. As I was telling her, which were ones SHE prescribed, she became frustrated with me when I told her my anesthesiologist prescribed for pain & nausea. I remember her saying � the list keeps growing (I named 3 medications)�, she then looked at my son & said �you need to hear what I�m going to tell your mommy�. Then she told me �I think you�re addicted to these drugs & this is what your problem is, I think you are mentally sick & it�s effecting you physically. I remember showing her the actual prescription for pain medication I hadn�t filled (it was from a month prior), her response was, �if you�re not taking the medication, your selling it, I believe this is your actual problem I want to do a drug test on you to see if there�s any other kind of drugs in your system, here�s my referral to a treatment center � So here I am, so sick, literally, I could barely function, pleading for
help from my family doctor, only to have her, yet again brush me off & this time degrade me in front of my son. Before I left her office I gave her a urine sample for her drug test & left. (my 12 yr old son ask me if I sold drugs, when we left the doctors office�wow.) Needless to say, her nurse called me that evening & told me my urine test was �clean� & I was owed an apology by their office. I told her �Of course it is, after the way I was treated I won�t be returning�.
I went another year before a diagnosis was finally made by my new physician. It was unfortunate yet, by the grace of God, my younger cousin tested positive for Lyme, his father positive for RMSF. (they were hunters & hunted on our property).
I immediately called our doctor & had my husband & son tested. They were both positive for RMSF. As I read up on RMSF, I realized I had the EXACT same symptoms for almost 2 yrs. I called the office & told them I wanted tested & at first was denied I needed to be tested. I became insistent & very forcefully until she agreed. My test was �Thank God� positive. I was treated twice with 100mg doxycycline for 2 weeks each time.
Today I�m disabled,
I have several neurological, memory, cognitive, speech, bladder/bowel, vision issues & PTSD. I have to use a cane to walk outside my home, some days a walker or power chair/scooter. I have to some days use a shower chair for showering. My legs feel like rubber bands with weights. The bottom of my feet burn like fire. I�m completely unable to tolerate heat anymore or my symptom are magnified, my vision blurs & or doubles now. I have one or two �good days� with energy & several down days afterward if I don�t pace myself. My left leg is weak, buckles out & I fall a lot now. My �Team� of different specialists are convinced all of my symptoms are a direct result of my having RMSF for so long before it was correctly found, diagnosed & treated. I�m told, all we can do is tackle the flair up/relapses as they occur & manage all the symptoms & side effects. I was placed on prednisone 15day pack the last 2 flair ups I had.
Before RMSF, I was very, very active. I was an undercover police detective, Licensed Real Estate Broker, owned my own Real Estate Company, Rentals. Very active as a mother & wife. I worked out everyday at the gym

How to Get Rid of a Fever

A fever is not an illness in itself, but is usually a sign that the body is working to fight off an illness of some kind. It is usually not a good idea to try to get rid of your fever entirely because it may interrupt the body's attack...

7 Best Homeopathic Medicines for fever

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Fever

Homeopathic Remedies for Fever

Feeling feverish is a seasonal reality that confronts almost everyone. Popping in a pill and hoping it improves your condition as you go about your business is a reality too. But here’s the catch: the over-the-counter pill might bring down the temperature, but the infection will still remain in the body. Here’s where the role of homeopathic treatment for fever comes into play, as the homeopathic remedies are made of natural substances, offer a different course of medical approach: these natural medicines target the infection, so the root cause is eliminated.

Tango-Fever: Tango Classes and Events in London

Welcome to Tango-Fever! We are Argnetine Tango teachers running regular dance classes and milongas in central and north London

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fever how long is too long

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