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Famous Attorneys Throughout History

[Summary]The 15 Most Famous Lawyers in American History The 15 Most Famous Lawyers In the History of the United States These men and women became notable attorneys through their various political leadership roles, scandals, and the defense, or prosecution of


The 15 Most Famous Lawyers in American History

The 15 Most Famous Lawyers In the History of the United States

These men and women became notable attorneys through their various political leadership roles, scandals, and the defense, or prosecution of famous cases and celebrities. These attorneys have dominated the headlines throughout history, and some continue to do so today.

Top 10 Greatest Lawyers Of All Time - Exploredia

To be a lawyer is hard but to be a successful lawyer is ever harder. These top 10 greatest lawyers of all time became known after successfully winning cases

The Most Influential Lawyers in the World: Attorneys on the Time 100 | Above the Law

Of course HRH - 'Her Royal Hillaryness' - made the list.

Earlier this week, Time magazine released its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world, the Time 100. For lawyers, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

The good news: lawyers represent over 10 percent of the Time 100. The bad news: many of the law-degree-holding honorees were not recognized for their work as lawyers.

The Legal Hall of Fame: 10 Key Figures in the History of Law »

The Legal Hall of Fame: 10 Key Figures in the History of Law

It’s difficult to objectively pluck a mere ten figures from the annals of history to feature as key lawyers for the criminal justice system. But this list was created with an eye to men and women, black and white, who made their marks in American courts over the past 300 years. Some individuals served as U.S. Presidents (actually, only two are noted here, although 25 lawyers eventually became presidents). The women are included as markers for progress, showing that even Bella Abzug was denied entry to law school because of her gender as late as the 20th century. All ten lawyers listed below fought for justice, often in unpopular venues and in with remarkable skill and ethics.

A Short History of Lawyers

James Fuqua's Law Jokes

A Short History of Lawyers

(from Some Lawyers Are People Too! by Hugh L. Dewey, Esq.)

The evolution and history of lawyers is very similar to the evolution and history of mankind. Like the symbiotic relationship between trees and fungus, lawyers and humans have an important, interlocking relationship going back to the dawn of man.

Best Lawyers in History

Yodle asked: Lawyers often get a bad rap for a variety of reasons and the public generally views them as amoral but necessary nuisances. And

11 Lawyers You Definitely Don't Want To See Across The Aisle

Famous Attorneys Throughout History
When one thinks of a lawyer, most imagine the television kind. The Atticus Finches, the Perry Masons, the Jack McCoys. Those guys are not your behind-the-desk, paper shuffling types.

They are trial lawyers.

And they do exist in real life, though it is not as easy as it looks on TV.

Trial lawyers are a special breed who think quickly on their feet, who can break down a situation and a person in real time. Of course, they only get to the breaking the witness point by first breaking down the mountains of information lurking in the background of any legal battle.

Quotes from Lawyers

Quotes from some of the most popular famous Lawyers from throughout history can be found below. Please realize that we have thousands of authors in our database, and that this is only a selection of the most popular. To supplement this list with more quotes from famous Lawyers, it may be helpful to also use the search tool above. To browse other varieties of author, also be sure to look at the Quotes by Author section!

Black History Month Celebrates: The Legal Profession Black Lawyers - Los Angeles Sentinel

Famous Attorneys Throughout History

Contrary to the words of the Constitution that “all men are created equal,” in the real world, some men may be more equal than others. However,

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