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[Summary]Vintage Plastic Jewelry: What It Is - and Isn't | The Chatsworth Lady There's a perplexing plethora of vintage plastic jewelry for sale that is described as being "celluloid", "bakelite", "lucite", etc – but what exactly IS i


Vintage Plastic Jewelry: What It Is … and Isn’t | The Chatsworth Lady

There’s a perplexing plethora of vintage plastic jewelry for sale that is described as being “celluloid”, “bakelite”, “lucite”, etc – but what exactly IS it? and does it really matter? Actually it does but not for the reasons you might think.

Vintage jewelry made of (or with) plastic falls into one of six groups: celluloid, casein, cellulose acetate, phenolics which include Bakelite, and acrylics which include Lucite. You’ll notice that I’ve only capitalized two of those names and there’s a reason for that. The words celluloid, bakelite and lucite have become so generalized that instead of referring to a specific material, often only a general group is meant. For instance, readers of a certain age

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