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[Summary]The Line Between Art and Photography | The Huffington Post I think there are two extremes of photographic interpretation that can legitimately be called art -- the kind that uses photography as the medium only, but doesn't play to its strengths (exac


The Line Between Art and Photography | The Huffington Post

I think there are two extremes of photographic interpretation that can legitimately be called art -- the kind that uses photography as the medium only, but doesn't play to its strengths (exact reproduction) or processes away from the real -- it can be done well (think Warhol) or badly (think hipstagram). One is repeatable, the other isn't - and the one that isn't has no value as art, because it's simply too easy for everybody to have the same interpretation as everybody else. There is no uniqueness factor. The other extreme is hyper-realism: yes, there's such a thing even in photography, which is itself a realistic media. If your idea is so profound that it comes through even when no subjectivity in processing or perspective has been applied, then the chances are it's a very, very strong one indeed**. Such an image must be powerful enough to overcome the inherent dismissal that we're inclined to pay anything that looks too familiar to reality for us. This must be by far the most difficult to achieve; since even black and white images are really quite a heavily interpretative vision of the world ("let's throw away the color!") -- and perhaps this difference is why we as a viewing public are so drawn to them as being 'art' rather than color images of the same subjects.

In the age of Instagram and smartphones, it seems anyone can be an artist. Add a filter to your cluttered concert photo and the image suddenly transforms into a nostalgic, moody scene straight out of Rolling Stone.


Afrosartorialism: an appreciation of vernacular fashion aesthetics from Africa

Introducing new guest contributor Enrica Picarelli. Enrica Picarelli is an...

Digital Photography Artists
by Enrica Picarelli

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