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Define Patriciate

[Summary]Patriciate | Define Patriciate at We are at one in this: the praetorian guard will follow my dictates, the patriciate of Rome will bow the knee to thee. Patrician (post-Roman Europe) Nobel Prize-winning author Thomas Mann belonged to a


Patriciate | Define Patriciate at

We are at one in this: the praetorian guard will follow my dictates, the patriciate of Rome will bow the knee to thee.

Patrician (post-Roman Europe)

Nobel Prize-winning author Thomas Mann belonged to a Hanseatic patrician family, and portrayed this social group in his novel Buddenbrooks.[1][2]

Johann Hinrich Gossler married Hamburg patrician heiress Elisabeth Berenberg, became owner of Berenberg Bank and his descendants reached the highest positions in the "aristocratic republic," including as senators and head of state.

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Define Patriciate

Patrician (ancient Rome)

Patrician (from Latin: patricius) is a term that originally referred to a group of ruling class families in ancient Rome. Although the distinction was highly significant in the early republic, its relevance waned after the Struggle of the Orders (494 BC to 287 BC) and by the time of the Late Republic and Empire, membership in this group was of only nominal significance.

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Gaining entrance to the Venetian patriciate in the seventeenth century : The van Axel and Ghelthof families from the Low Countries

1 Netherlandish names were spelled in many different ways in early modern Italy. We can find, for example, Ghelthoff, Geltof, Gheldhof and Geldhof. I have chosen to give the version most common in Venetian documents : Ghelthof.

2 Jacobs 1989, p. 112-114 : « Op den toenaam van Adriaan Geldhof : / Wist heilge Mark uw naam, hy loofde ghy vol geld stakt, / En hield u, Geldhof, voor een paardeken, dat geld kakt ».


Define Patriciate

The 4th century BCE Greek philosopher Aristotle once wrote in his essay Politics, “If liberty and equality…are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike...

Patriciate - Definition and synonyms of patriciate in the English dictionary

Define Patriciate

Patrician may refer to: Patrician, the original aristocratic families of Ancient Rome, and a synonym for aristocratic in modern English usage ...

What does patrician mean? definition, meaning and pronunciation (Free English Language Dictionary)

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A person of refined upbringing and manners

Classified under:

Nouns denoting people

Hypernyms ("patrician" is a kind of...):

adult; grownup (a fully developed person from maturity onward)

A member of the aristocracy

Classified under:

Nouns denoting people

aristocrat; blue blood; patrician

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