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Conservatives on Economy

[Summary]Conservative vs. Liberal Beliefs Liberals believe in government action...Conservatives believe in limited government. Conservatism Libertarian Traditionalist Free markets Limited government Social norms Private property Protectionism Rule of law Edmu


Conservative vs. Liberal Beliefs

Conservatives on Economy

Liberals believe in government action...Conservatives believe in limited government.




Free markets

Limited government

Social norms

Private property


Rule of law

Edmund Burke

Giambattista Vico

Justus Möser

Joseph de Maistre

Louis de Bonald

Adam Müller

Friedrich von Gentz

Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

Karl Ludwig von Haller

Pope Pius X

Pope Pius IX

Lucas Alamán

Economic Growth and Job Creation

Americans deserve a growing economy that offers the opportunity to work, succeed, and achieve their dreams. But Washington liberals are offering little more than stagnation, welfare and dependence. That’s why we need to focus on creating jobs and growing our economy through commonsense reforms like reducing the tax burden, lowering healthcare costs, reducing energy prices and helping make higher education more affordable for middle-class families who work hard and play by the rules.

Harper Sets Out Plan To Lower Taxes On Job-Creating Small Businesses

Conservatives on Economy

7 Things People Who Say They're 'Fiscally Conservative But Socially Liberal' Don't Understand

Conservatives on Economy

Social and economic issues are deeply intertwined. "Well, I'm conservative, but I'm not one of those racist, homophobic, dripping-with-hate Tea Party bigots! I'm pro-choice! I'm pro-same-sex-marriage! I'm not a racist! I just want lower taxes, and smaller government, and less government regulation of business. I'm fiscally conservative, and socially liberal."

Our Long-Term Economic Plan

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Liberalism & Conservatism

Moderate Political Ideologies:

Liberalism and Conservatism

Dr. Jim L. Riley

Regis University

Moderate Ideologies along with moderate political viewpoints may be correctly seen as occupying positions between the more extreme wings of the spectrum. In terms of the extent of power of the State moderate ideologies strike a balance between individual rights, freedoms and obligations and the coercive power of the State to mandate or prohibit certain behaviors by people. This "balanced" view brings forth various implications regarding governmental structure, electoral procedures, the rule of Law, economic concerns, and other important issues present in all organized societies. Likewise considerations regarding time help define the boundaries of moderate ideologies.

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The idea that conservatives are better economic managers simply does not stand up

Conventional wisdom holds that conservative politicians are more prudent stewards of the economy. These politicians are often happy to reinforce this view by citing their business acumen and denigrating the experience – or lack thereof – of their opponents.

Think of Mitt Romney as multi-millionaire businessman versus Barack Obama, former community leader. Donald Trump also highlights his business “experience”, although his track record suggests he’s done far worse at managing his father’s wealth than a monkey throwing darts at The Wall Street Journal.

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