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Bucktail Camping Resort

[Summary]Bucktail Camping Resort Date of Stay: July, 2006 - $42.00 Overall Rating: This park it outdated, cramped and dirty. It looks like it's heyday was in the 1970's and nothing has been updated since. The bathrooms were dirty with cobwebs and spiders. The


Bucktail Camping Resort

Date of Stay: July, 2006 - $42.00
Overall Rating: Bucktail Camping Resort
Bucktail Camping Resort
Bucktail Camping Resort
Bucktail Camping Resort
Bucktail Camping Resort

This park it outdated, cramped and dirty. It looks like it's heyday was in the 1970's and nothing has been updated since. The bathrooms were dirty with cobwebs and spiders. There was standing water (we hope it was water) nearly covering the men's bathroom floors. The arcade and putt-putt course have seen better days. Half of the games didn't work and the carpet was coming up on the putt-putt. The pool had stuff floating in it - lots of little styrofoam bits and other things. A little girl urinated on the cement at the top of the stairs. Her dad just laughed and no one else did anything about it. Would it have been to hard to come out with a hose and some bleach? The campground had a amusement park sized carrousel that they only ran for about 30 minutes during daylight hours. More on that later! We got a site at this campground at about 7:30 PM on a Saturday night. Upon arrival my first question was, "Do you have an enforced quiet time?" I was told that it was 11:00 and a security guard patrolled the park all night. This is quite important to me as my husband and one of our sons are very light sleepers. They were having a "shindig" that night with a country band playing with dancing. That was scheduled till 11:00. As we knew it would be impossible to sleep with that going on, we took the boys to the arcade and also played a few holes on the aging putt-putt course. The band quit shortly after 11:00 and there was still quite a bit of noise as the campers returned to their sites (so we thought). We turned in and waited for things to quiet down. At about 11:30 we heard a motor start up. At first I was thinking that the seasonal campers next to us had a generator (forgetting in my exhausted state that they had electricity). About five minutes went by and our 11 year old unzipped the window to see what the noise was. "Mom! It's the carrousel!" I thought he was kidding, but there it was! At first I thought it was kids horsing around, but no one came and turned it off! I had had enough. I knew we had a long drive ahead of us the next day - especially my husband - so I decided to go to the office and ask what was going on. As I was walking there the MUSIC for the carrousel came on full blast. The owners wife was just locking up the store for the night and I asked her why the carrousel was running. She replied (in a tone like she couldn't believe this would bother anyone) that maybe he would turn the music off. I explained that wouldn't be good enough - the thing sounded like a semi running outside of our camper. I asked what happened to the "Quiet Time" I was told about. She got mad and told me I'd have to speak to her husband. When we got to the carrousel, she told her husband that "this lady wants the music turned off". I replied, "No I want the whole thing turned off, It's after 11:30 PM." She got mad and shoved me. A crowd started developing and the conversation got louder and my husband could hear so he came out to see what was happening. I told him that the owner's wife shoved me and she denied it. Her husband then started screaming at us that they don't want "our kind" in his park and we should leave. Another person (not sure if he was an employee) kept getting in my husbands face saying, "I ain't afraid of you" like he was trying to provoke a fight. One lady screamed at us that we were ruining her kids fun. My husband replied that they should be in bed at that hour! All we wanted was peace & quiet. We were there three and a half hours and they refused to give us a refund. Is this how they treat their paying guests? If you're looking for a party spot to stay up all night and get drunk, you've found the right place. If you're looking for a good family campground where you can get some sleep - keep driving. We camped at Bucktail Camping Resort in a Tent Trailer.

Disgusting campground

I am normally not this person and have debated this post for days but I have decided to speak out. We took the boys to Bucky's campground in Mansfield last week. It was to be like camping at an amusement park. I am posting to tell you all I do NOT recommend camping here. I did my best to make sure the boys had a good time over all and enjoyed themselves. We should have came home and discussed it every night but our money was nonrefundable. I majorly regret not coming home now. When it rained the smell sewer lingered in the air. While we ate lunch on Friday the neighbor sprayed his camper off with Clorox in a pressure water and the smell of bleach was so bad we had to go inside. The majority of the children ran around with out parents or any supervision. Kids ran around with pellet guns or real looking assault guns pretending to shoot kids on the playground. The teenagers took over the ball pit swearing and fighting. We had to leave the ballpit several times due to the teenagers and this was Ethan's favorite thing to do. They had a carousal and a train but it only ran for 15 to 20 minutes twice a day. The train had pretend animals to look at while you are on the ride and most of the animals were broken. The pretend deer had no legs and was just leaned against a tree. The skunks feet remained but no body. It was disturbing to me. They didn't have a kiddie pool. The pool was so full that there was no room for us to swim safely with the boys. There were many areas of stagnant water that they hadn't tended to. The campground had a ton of garbage thrown around in it. Half the games in the arcade didn't work and just took the boys' money. The kids dance party we went to and left because all the songs had swearing in them. Parents ran around carrying their alcoholic beverages around the playground. The good things were: Minigolf was free and it had a huge minigolf course. All the rides were free and that was really nice. They had a waterpump in the huge sandbox that the boys really enjoyed and they enjoyed the sky slide. They also had a tractor/wagon ride and a firetruck ride with Bucky that the boys really liked. I am usually not one to complain out loud or trash a place but this was not what I expected by a long shot. We paid $66 a night to camp here..I expected wonderful..I was highly disappointed!

Bucktail Camping Resort

Bucktail Camping Resort

Bucktail Camping Resort was founded in 1997, and is located at 130 Bucktail Rd in Mansfield. Additional information is available at or by contacting Lee Frank at (570) 662-2923.

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