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bkat 9r test with answers

[Summary]Bkat help version 8s if possible, icu | The Health Science [QUOTE=gmooh]Does anyone have a copy of the BKAT 8s or any BKAT exam that I can use as a study guide? (adult critical care would be best) Or does anyone have a personal study guide useful for


Bkat help version 8s if possible, icu | The Health Science

[QUOTE=gmooh]Does anyone have a copy of the BKAT 8s or any BKAT exam that I can use as a study guide? (adult critical care would be best)
Or does anyone have a personal study guide useful for this exam, or know of a great study resource, or can someone list in detail what exactly I should study??
I am on a very cut throat SICU floor and I have to pass the FIRST time. They sprung this on me about 3 months AFTER taking the critical care course, so none of the info is fresh in my mind. I am a new grad.
PLEASE HELP! Thank you. I will pay anyone for the info.
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Bkat Critical Care Exam

bkat 9r test with answers

Copy of B-kat test.

bkat 9r test with answers

hi anyone know where I can get a copy of the B-kat test? I remember hearing that you could purchase it online, but I forget where. Thanks so much. :wavey:

Bkat Critical Care Practice Answers

Bkat 9r test answer

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Follow-up Survey 10 Years Later: Use of the Basic Knowledge Assessment Tools (BKATs) for Critical Care Nursing and Effects on Staff Nurses

Description of the Sample

All but 9 of the 139 subjects or 93.5% said that they had used one or more of the BKATs. As in the initial survey, the clinical areas in which these nurses most frequently had responsibility were fairly evenly distributed: ICU, 22.3%; ICU-coronary care unit, 16.2%; surgical ICU, 14.5%; coronary care unit, 14.2%; other types of critical care units, 21.9%; and medical ICU, 10.9%. Other types of units included step-down/telemetry units, emergency departments for adults and children, pediatric ICUs, and postanesthesia recovery units. Unlike the original study, in this study a new clinical area of nursing agency emerged that represented 4.6% of the “other” category.

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