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[Summary]National Milk Producers Federation | National Milk Producers Federation Steve Schlangen is a member of the NMPF Board of Directors and chairman of Associated Milk Producers Inc. He and his wife Cheryl have four children: Krista, husband Andy and son


National Milk Producers Federation | National Milk Producers Federation

Steve Schlangen is a member of the NMPF Board of Directors and chairman of Associated Milk Producers Inc. He and his wife Cheryl have four children: Krista, husband Andy and son Ethan; Jenna and fiancé Casey; and Matthew and Michael. They milk 65 Holsteins with a Lely robotic milker on their...


4.5.17 | AMPI Young Cooperators elect officers

3.30.17 | Holmen dairy farmer elected to co-op board

3.28.17 | AMPI reports record cheese production, climbing foodservice sales for 2016

Minnesota Milk Producers Association

4/28/2017Minnesota Milk announces success in finding processors for Minnesota farms that lost milk market

1/30/2017Minnesota Milk promotes Sjostrom to executive director; names Sedgeman to board of directors

1/6/2017Lunemann Makes for 300th Ag Water Quality Certified Farm

12/13/2016Minnesota Milk Producers Association Elects New President

Illinois Milk Producers' Association

S and B Dairy Farm of rural Sigel in Effingham County is the recipient of the 2013 Illinois Milk Producers’ Association Environmental Stewardship Award. The dairy is a partnership of Ed and Kay Schumacher (PRONOUNCED: “SHOE-maker”) and Dean and Angie Bloemer (PRONOUNCED: “BLEM-mer”). Ed and Angie are brother and sister and started their family’s partnership in 1987.

Producer Members By State | American Grassfed Association

Crawley's Country Beef LLC

Denver Crawley

195 HCR 3373

Hubbard, TX 76648


[email protected]

Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Crawley’s Country Beef LLC and Texas Bred Organic Beef, a division of DWC Cattle Co., specializes in grass fed, organically raised, Red Angus beef along with pastured Chicken, pastured Eggs and Honey from our own bee hives on our ranch property. Texas Bred, Texas Born and Texas Raised, on one central Texas ranch. All beef sold is Red Angus with a Red Devon influence . We practice organic standards in managing all our beef—no hormones, no steroids, no antibiotics, no pesticides and no herbicides—but our cattle are not certified organic. All cattle are grass-fattened on the pasture where they were born. Cattle are not fed grain of any kind. The beef we sell comes exclusively from our herd of Momma Cows. For over 30 years we have selected genetics for a quality eating experience. All of our cows, bulls and offspring graze freely year round in a natural environment. Our pastures consist of a variety of native and introduced grasses and legumes for quality finishing of all cattle. Beef is dry aged, shrink wrapped, frozen and sold in individual cuts. All of our chickens, broilers and laying hens, are rotated daily on the same pastures as our cattle, following organic standards. They roam freely eating fresh grass and insects each day and are supplemented with a NON GMO and NON SOY ration on a daily basis. We are a family business and our goal is to provide you, our customers, with a quality eating experience, and the knowledge that the beef you are eating was born and raised on one central Texas ranch, grazing and growing in a healthy environment on organic pastures, as Mother Nature intended.

ABBA | American Brahman Breeders Association

The American Brahman Breeders Association is the world registry for Brahman cattle, the #1 beef breed for efficiency, hybrid vigor and environmental adaptability.


The American Brahman Breeders Association was founded in 1924 as the official breed registry of American Brahman cattle in the United States. It’s original mission was to maintain parentage and ownership records of American Brahman cattle, however through the years has grown to provide an array of member services, educational opportunities, and programs. Internationally-recognized as a leading beef cattle association, ABBA offers a wide array of programs to assist the profitability of its members.
The ABBA is a membership organization governed by an elected board of directors. Members of the board as well as other volunteers are assigned to committees that meet regularly to propose ideas of ways to better serve the members through programs, services or activities. The ABBA staff and leaders are always looking for ways to improve the breed and the organization and welcome input from the membership.
The ABBA is based in Houston, Texas. Registrations, transfers and F-1 certificates are processed in Kansas City, Missouri. For more information about the Brahman breed or the many opportunities offered by ABBA please contact our office or visit our website at

Senepol Cattle Breeders Association

2016 Senepol Sire Summary -->

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Heat Tolerant, Tender Beef

Using Senepol will give you the following results:
Heat Tolerance Hybrid Vigor Calving Ease
Polled Heads Solid Color Gentle Nature
Carcass Quality Disease Resistance
Udder Quality Maternal Efficiency
Senepol are 100% Bos Taurus cattle. They were developed on the island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands by crossing N'Dama and Red Poll. Strict selection pressure was applied for:
1) Red color, good conformation and early maturity
2) No horns, good milk producers
3) Gentle Disposition
4) Definite heat tolerance


Neolithic – Recent American Milk Producers Association
A pygmy goat on a stump. Conservation status Domesticated Scientific classification American Milk Producers Association
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Artiodactyla Family: Bovidae Subfamily: Caprinae Genus: Capra Species: C. aegagrus Subspecies: C. a. hircus Trinomial name Capra aegagrus hircus
(Linnaeus, 1758) Synonyms

Capra hircus

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