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[Summary]Zarinas.Com: Traditional Formal & Party Afghan Dresses Susan Afghan Formal Dress is perfect for weddings, engagements and special occasions. The rich color and elegant embroidery make this dress sophisticated, charming, and chic. The full length meas


Zarinas.Com: Traditional Formal & Party Afghan Dresses

Susan Afghan Formal Dress is perfect for weddings, engagements and special occasions. The rich color and elegant embroidery make this dress sophisticated, charming, and chic.

The full length measures 45" inches from the back center of the neck to the bottom, and the width at the bust is 20" inches at the front panel from seam to seam. Please note: This dress has an adjustable belt. The measurements provided are the maximum measurements. Made from silky smooth satin material. The size X-small to large (depending on bust size) means that the dress has straps on the back sides of the hip that tie behind the lower end of your back for your specific sizing. Comes with an equally beautiful, embroidered scarf, and matching pants.

Zarinas.Com: Clothing and Accessories for Women

Clothing and Accessories for Women

We offer a large collection Afghan dresses, Perahan Tunbaan (Payraan Tumbaan or Salwar Kameez), embroidered shirts, Afghan wazcaats (vests), Afghan jackets, Afghan scarves, burqas, pashiminas, shawls, Nikkah Shawls, purses, wallets, and handbags.

We also sell other items, including: Islamic clothing and Modest clothing which are: Abayas, Jordanian/Palestinian dresses, Prayer Outfit, Hijabs, Hijab Cap (Underscarf), Niqabs, Khimars, Badula (Women's Face Mask) & various Accessories.


Background article


"Your country is now embarking on a process to create credible and accountable institutions in which all Afghans are represented. These are decisions for Afghan men and women to make. The role of the United Nations is to assist and encourage this process. But, I would like to take this opportunity to say to all Afghans: there cannot be true peace and recovery in Afghanistan without a restoration of the rights of women." UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in his statement to the Afghan Women's Summit for Democracy (Brussels, 4 to 5 December 2001)

Unveiled: Afghan women past and present

Unveiled: Afghan women past and present

Advice for Women Aid Workers in Afghanistan

This list of suggestions started off as a reply to the author of Lonely Planet Afghanistan. I really enjoyed LP Afghanistan; it provides excellent details on how to get around in the country, what to see, the history, etc. It was written at a time when things were getting better in the country, and the book reeks of hope. And that's not a bad thing. I really hope that people in the Afghan government, on the national and regional levels, will read this book, because I think it will give them a lot of insight into what travelers want and need, and what local Afghans need in terms of education and support in order to be good hosts and guides for the country. And I still hope the security situation improves, so that travelers can take advantage of this book. And anyone going to Afghanistan, no matter in WHAT capacity, should ABSOLUTELY buy this book, even though so much of it is outdated - it still have good information.

What to wear in Kabul | Transitionland

The updated guide is here.

A lot of expats stress over dressing for their first stint in Kabul. Well, fear no more, first-timers! I’m here to take the stress out of putting together your wardrobe.

For the womenz

Tell yourself:

A) “It’s Afghanistan. They don’t care about fashion. I can just pile on some baggy old things and be good to go.”

Zarinas.Com: Women's Clothing (Perahan Tunbaan

Stylish and fashionable Salwar Kameez for women, typically worn by women in India, Pakistan, South East Asia, and parts of Afghanistan. Made from a beautiful chiffon fabric and decorated with an elegant embroidered pattern. The dress has a slip underneath, comes with a matching striped chiffon scarf and pant. Perfect to wear to parties, weddings, or special occasions. Sleeves are see through. Available in the following sizes: small, medium, and large.

It didn’t always suck to be a woman in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Dress for Women

Women in Afghanistan were not always under house arrest and forbidden by law to leave their homes unchaperoned by a male relative. Once upon a time in pre-Taliban days Afghan women had access to professional careers, university-level education, shops selling non-traditional clothing, public transportation, and public spaces, all of which they happily navigated freely and without supervision. According to a State Department report from the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor from 2001: Prior to the rise of the Taliban, women in Afghanistan were protected under law and increasingly afforded rights in Afghan society. Women received the right to vote in the 1920s; and as early as the 1960s, the Afghan constitution provided for equality for women. There was a mood of tolerance and openness as the country began moving toward democracy. Women were making important contributions to national development. In 1977, women comprised over 15% of Afghanistan’s highest legislative body. It is estimated that by the early 1990s, 70% of schoolteachers, 50% of government workers and university students, and 40% of doctors in Kabul were women. Afghan women had been active in humanitarian relief organizations until the Taliban imposed severe restrictions on their ability to work. These professional women provide a pool...

Women in Afghanistan: the back story | Amnesty International UK

Afghanistan has a tumultuous recent past. In the last three decades, the country has been occupied by communist Soviet troops and US-led international forces, and in the years in between has been ruled by militant groups and the infamous oppressive Islamic Taliban.

Throughout the changing political landscape of Afghanistan in the last fifty years, women's rights have been exploited by different groups for political gain, sometimes being improved but often being abused.

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